What’s NEW in PUBG Mobile 0.6.0 – Royal Pass / Skins / Emotes / FPP | NOW OUT!!

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I finally got my hands on the actual 0.6.0 Global Update and wanted to put together this video as a overview of everything that’s changed. If you want to see more of a particular feature please let me know in the comments down below and I can certainly create more content on that for the channel!

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  1. More info for PUBG! (Also mobile)
    Map 3 is the 3rd playable map that is in the works for PUBG, Map 3 is a 8×8 island set on the Adriatic Sea.

    Map 3 is enveloped in dense/thicc forest, another aspect of the island is its warm Mediterranean coastline and snowy mountains in the central area of the map.

    — From the Game Informer magazine (June Issue) and FAQ.

    Based on what PUBG stated in the Discord server, Map 3 will be getting new vehicles just for the map.

    Map 3 will pull together a number of terrain types to create a scaled-down Adriatic setting, so expect some scenes from the Croatian and Albanian countryside. There will also be snowy parts of the new Adriatic map, as teased at the Microsoft's E3 2018 conference.

  2. @Derek after 0.6.0 update Tencent Gaming buddy has starting lagging significantly with a lot of frame drops. I used to get constant 60 FPS but no more.

    Anyone else having the same problem?

  3. Bro if you buy elite royal pass or elite royal pass plus, is it for one season or for every season like it's one time purchase forever…. Or only for this season then I have to buy again for the next season?

  4. How do you use the In game voice commands on PC emulator? I don't care about skins…and I certainly ain't paying for them or for stupid missions. Just make the game better or make new game modes (capture the flag). I find all the skins and stuff just clutters up the game. And now that they have FPP, who cares anyway?

  5. Nice videos we should collab sometime I just started YouTube and I'm looking for some other YouTube's to play with

  6. I just got the 10 elite pass how much time do we get to collect the rewards ? Also do we get to keep the skins and the jacket and other stuff?

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