Understanding TIER PROTECTION in PUBG Mobile – Introduced in 0.6.0 Global Update

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In this video I explain what Tier Protection is in PUBG Mobile, as well as how you can use it to your advantage to more easily gain rating. If you want anything else explained please let me know and I will create future videos on the ideas! If I made any mistakes please let me know that in the comments too so this video can be as accurate as possible!

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  1. Hey Derek, if I take like 5 kills and then die early (like 80-90 people are left or so), but my squad makes it to top 10, so In that case do I gain rating or do lose it?

  2. Bro If We Had A Bad Game Then Our Tier Get Low…..How To Save Our Tier Ranks ………
    Example I have 3450 rating and had bad game and got -30 of 3450 so how to save that -30 any trick????
    Or While We die Shall We Quit So It May Save Our Tier Rating ???

  3. Bro i just got 1 chicken dinner…. Next game got #5 with 4 kilss on clasiic mode but am still on diamond tier V…. And rating is not changing staying the same….. Plz reply…. What should I do…! Plz…

  4. Damn really? Just made Diamond 3 a few minutes ago. Working towards a master. Been playing for a month or less, awesome game. I did see a video saying it’s NOT about kills it’s about staying alive to top 10. Ok you just said it as I type lol. Seems like saving you’re friends helps a lot also. I always play with randoms so it’s more of a challenge

  5. I've been not playing pubgm using emulator for a long time ago,maybe my last patch I played is 0.4.0,things what I hated is when u play poorly (drop and die at 90 peoples) your tier is decreased a lot (I'm gold 1 dropped to gold 2 instantly) and increased tier points is actually heavy af , 4x times #1 ,didn't rank up,
    I came back to pubgm using tgb then i surprised ranking point system has been changed with tier protection, that's why all my friend get platinum easily lmao
    But yeah thanks tencent 🙂

  6. Can anyone tell me why I was at platinum iv and then I started playing fpp got up to platinum v and then got a few decent games and managed to get to bronze iv

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