The QBZ95 Is INSANE (New GUN Gameplay) – PUBG

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So I feel like this weapon is bound to get nerfed, if not – then dual wielding this weapon might be the new sanhok meta. It has the power of an assault rifle and the recoil of an SMG while maintaining excellent performance long range like a DMR.

(Test Server footage)

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  1. I assume the QBZ95 is strong because Tencent takes part in making the game. In China if a game has a bad Chinese weapon that game is probably not going onto the market.

  2. Youtubers playing like "pros", why don't you put a camera behind you so people can see how you play? so people can see what do you see.
    Yeah I know you all will find an excuse for not showing.
    90% of you are cheating and I'm sure, you see things that you can't see 😉
    I'm not accusing you, just saying so cheaters can see it

  3. Can you make the test video with this gun to see visually recoil? For me it feels much worse than SCAR or M416! I am pretty sure that this gun sprays patters are insane in compare with other 5.56 or even AK.

  4. For those of you who don't know the current spray patterns, the recoil comparison with all attachments on the 5.56mm guns found on the field goes like this:
    Tier 1:QBZ(I bet my balls, this crazy gun will get NERFED!)
    Tier 2:SCAR-L
    Tier 3: M416

    The SCAR-L currently has higher recoil quality than the M4. If you see the patchnotes, after all the green-bullet guns got nerfed significantly, the SCAR didn't have any advantages compared to the other ARs(M16 with the highest bullet velocity, AKM with the highest damage per bullet, M4 with the best recoil when fully attached). People just abandoned the SCAR after they found an M4 in a farming location or lootbox. So they decided to buff the recoil on SCAR ONLY. Now the SCAR-L has the best recoil compared to all the ARs found in field(Sanhok QBZ and care packages excepted). But it will still lose 1v1 to an expert M416 user because of its low firing rate(almost as slow as the AK – AKM:0.1/SCAR-L:0.096)

    *excluded the M249, AUG

  5. I've played pubg for 2 weeks and taken damage after kills a lot of times… I've seen bloods platter from hitting enemies 3 times and then I die, after that I look at kill cam and it shows me hitting them 0 times….
    Hitboxes and servers suck ass…

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