The Oregon Trail (Apple II): Fact or Fiction? – Gaming Historian

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Gaming Historian compares the game ‘The Oregon Trail’ with the history of westward expansion in the United States. Is it historically accurate?

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  1. Ah yes… i remember the struggle to get the one apple II with the color monitor in our computer lab to play Oregon Trail… Proceed to buy nothing but ammo and die.

  2. I've played both the older versions and the updated versions honestly my preference is for the I'm not sure what year I want to say 1993 version

  3. I know I don't look like a stereotypical Indian but I is one and I really really wish people would stop saying Native American it's not grammatically accurate the word native means to be born in if you have to be politically correct use First Nations and I am American and I really do wish we would start using it

  4. If you liked oragon trail as an educational game for the apple classic 2 then you might have tried or should try odal lake for the apple classic 2 . I played both of them in the computer lab in grade school in Toronto Canada growing up. ps our teacher even let us play rebal assoult and mist after school and at lunch since they weren't educational games .

  5. WOW the color version looks awesome!!!! My Elementary school only had the green and black version, still fun as heck though to go to the computer lab back then!!! Thank You Oregon Trail!!!!!

  6. "Mack died of dysentery"…

    This reminds me of grade-school (in Oregon no less) trips to the library and fighting to get onto a computer and play for long enough and hoping I got to shoot enough deer…

  7. OMG I used to love this game growing up in the 80s I remember my computer class in school I was in junior high and this game was in my computer class I used to love playing it

  8. Played this in school all the time. Ours was all green no color This will be one of the greatest memories of the early days of computer gaming for me. I want to get an old Apple and this game just to show my nephew what we had lol. Never thought I would sound like my Dad with the.. In my day we only two buttons and a D-pad I mean you kids today with your VR's and such 😂😂.

  9. I loved killing my party members in elementary school. We played it every day in 3rd, and 4th grade. After beating it properly, I started just killing people for fun. It was a after school activity because in florida it's to hot some days to play outside.

  10. I wish there were higher quality edutainment games. Games that were so good, you could just play them for the gameplay without caring if you learn something or not. Why isn't this happening!?

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