Super Mario Game Coming To iOS – Shigeru Miyamoto On Stage At Apple Event

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Shigeru Miyamoto, lead creator of Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, shocked the world today by showing up at Apple’s big iPhone 7 event to unveil Nintendo’s first iOS Mario game, Super Mario Run

Read more about the game here:


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  1. I'd prefer that we'd get a full Mario game, but the reality is that without an actual d-pad on the iphone, it could never happen. Don't bother mentioning iOS controllers… without getting too specific, they all suck. I have emulated numerous Mario games on my iOS devices, and neither iOS controllers nor touchscreen controls measure up. So a single touch "Run" style game is the way to go. Nonetheless, I'd like to point out that Nintendo will have polished this so well, it will feel totally right as a Mario title when it comes out. Mark my words– Nintendo will totally do justice to Mario in their Mario-flavored mobile game.

  2. Leave it to nintendo to never stop doing the same formula over and over again, no matter what the platform is

    Comeon? this game was made 30 years ago

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