RESPEK THE DEAD (or they kill you..) | Pamali (Indonesian Folklore Horror)

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Pamali is an Indonesian Folklore horror game that is going to TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS.


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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.



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  1. Cory: Okay?
    Me: . . . . .
    Cory: OKAY?
    Me: . . . . .
    Cory: *Picks up knife* I SAID OKAY?!

  2. in indonesia, banana trees are home for some ghost, such as kuntilanak [woman ghost with white dress] and pocong [jumping corpse ghost that covered with kafan linen]. a big tree can be home for gondoruwo [ogre-ape like ghost with thick fur], kuntilanak and sundel bolong [woman ghost with white dress, but with a big hole/wound on her back that make her inner organ visible. you can also see maggot on it
    it's said that ghost in indonesia can stick to their target and following their target where ever they go. if you go to indonesia and break the pamali rule that cause one of these ghost angry, they will follow you and haunt you where ever you go. even if you go back to your homecountry. at first, ghost that i mention only live in southern sumatera and java. but then they spreaded to the entire indonesia, even to the neighboring countries

    don't ever make them angry. indonesian ghost is not like your daily ghost in europe or america. they love torturing your soul by haunting you and scares you till you giving up on life or going crazy

    when you hear woman singing lulaby and scared to out side of that house, you can also hear gecko's sound on it [kekke… kekke] gecko can see ghost. so, if you hear that sound at night, that's mean someone is exist somewhere next to you

  3. in first game u died and cant move by the strange ghost holding baby hand and if u saw light on front house off that means u got bad ending and his parent died on car accident which shows on the radio
    and theres ending which u can just leave house and dont clean house take the gate key near the calender

  4. Wow, i never know abt this game eventhough i'm an indonesian😂😂 BTW, pamali is the real things in here. If you don't follow the rules for pamali, something bad will happens for sure. That's kinda creepy though, even i'm adult now jeez 😐😐😐

  5. Hey cory, try to turn on the light (it's too dark over there 😅) and just clean the house. U might never touching something like nails, jenglot (voodo doll) or mocking the doll. You can also hide beside the cupboard of the doll room, but if you want too. 😄

  6. seems like every streamer gets a different experience-its quite interesting,this bitch terrified me when she shut that door in front of me when i ran out and i had to see it fly into the house through the window and open/close shit inside while i was at the gates ready to book it

  7. Ok im from Indonesia and i see you playing Indonesian Horror Game. This is the first time i saw a not Indonesian youtuber that plays Indonesian games i respect you.

  8. That song after you finished the game is actually an Indonesian lullaby for a baby..
    And about the Jenglot, in some myths that thing is supposed to be a human who wants to learn some powerful black magic once but he/she failed to control it so he/she become a Jenglot.. Or so I've heard

  9. First of all you must notice that song, Cory. Search "Nina Bobo" song on google and you will understand what going on chapter 1 🙂

    I'm sorry for my grammar but I want to tell you this.

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