PUBG Xbox: New Update Patch Notes – Hotfix, Crash Fixes, Car Bug Fix More Updates!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for PS4 & XB1.
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Hotfix Patch Notes –

In this news video we are once again going over the latest fps and battle royale news for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Today we are looking at the latest update info for PUBG on Xbox One, including fixes to the biggest causes of crashes, a bug fix for cars and also a promise for more updates to the game. Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. First game after update and I crash have had so many problems with the game and I almost never crash and ive played 5 games and ive crashed in 3 of them and I made it till the end of each game I relouded the game every time and miamar is still unplayable I cant even move and im forced to pick abandonded places where knowone goes to avoid being a free kill to xbox one x players who are already loaded in and most of my friends whont even get on anymore and even worse I'm seeing more posts on looking for groups(lfg) that an Xbox 1 x is required this is getting old and its been a pain and I think Miramar needs to be removed till this gets fixed and arengail is ok still unloaded buildings and some other small issues. And where are those extra vehichle spawns on miamar its like they only spawn in the center and we need more on the outskirts please.

  2. How many times do I have to die because I cant even move wtf. I cant even play anywhere on etheir map and it takes a good 2-5 min to move and before that an xbox 1 x user will shotgun me before I can move im starting to see why people are leaving left and right my friends whont even playanymore

  3. PLEASE fix fpp in the eu servers. Forced to play third person now and its no fun with people hiding behind walls and windows. Cant join fpp singles ever, even if i wait 15 or 20mins i dont get a lobby

  4. Since pubg can't fix their broken xbox port I just went back to playing this on pc might get killed by numerous hackers but at least my game isn't crashing every 30 damn minutes.

  5. Your videos are funny🤣 good stuff and great info. I knew resetting my game after like 3 games was helping. Glad to know they fixed the cached mess.

  6. The most annoying thing on pubg xbox rn is that they reset my total wins when miramar map released and my settings don't save which is really annoying

  7. Can they change the engine to where the game actually runs properly and doesnt look like a trash can from gta on the original Xbox. Game is ugly Af barely any content lucky to get a update 1 time every 2 months when game is crap its getting boring every update brings more bugs for them to fix so they Dont have to physically improve the game 7 bug updates and still nothing but bugs and trash graphics gameplay is bad now nothing but bugs still die way to much over it when getting shot the hit indicator says it coming from the front but its coming from the back setting constantly reset really fucking annoyed terrible loot no matter where the fuck I go land at military base luck to find a pistol land at school only find a pistol land at a UN named location nothing but a pistol land at ruins nothing but a pistol game is way under looted game is lacking way to much falling way to far behind game is losing players and fast and unless I actually see an improvement to the game that doesnt introduce bullshit loot boxes or more bugs and actually makes the game better then I'm no longer playing this game. Tired of you greedy bastards taking advantage of us bluehole $700,000,000 and still no good improvements to the game 😂👌

  8. So there is an event for headshots, as a reward you get clothes that you probably don't car for anyways.
    They are doing said event like Fortnite because of Fortnite. Also updates will be released asap like Fortnite. Can you say pubg is finally realized it's crap and now trying to be like Fortnite but with crashes. They have noticed there optimization comes with optimized crashes.
    It's like watching the news, reapeat and repeat, fixing, hot patch, optimization, new content in the future ( fucking duh stupid, it's not going to happen in the past) now repeat that Everytime an update is going to happen or just happened.
    Now since we are all fully aware of the update and Optimization…. What's new?
    No really, what's actually new?
    And sensativity or control setting are always getting fucked with.
    Also why can't I throw a grenade more then 15' and why don't people take damage anymore from my grenades. And also why is it in videos people get dropped so easily, but in game play it takes dam near the whole 30 rounds out of an AK or M4 or scar? Like my hit registration is wack. Most days it takes a mag with tons of blood splatter, rarely but sometimes it takes 4 bullets to knock a person down. Btw I play with an O.G. and crash often

  9. They need to fix the bug that allows XB1 owners to drop through roofs and run through walls at the start of the game. So unfair for XB1X owners considering that they borked the FPS rate to be the same as XB1 frame rate.

  10. Played for like 4 hours straight without a single crash. Just need to work on the rendering more. I don’t get why everyone complains so much, I still get dinners even if the game is running poorly

  11. Best game ever! I don’t care about the bugs or anything else, i don’t crash that much anyways! Xbox one Elite 1TB hybrid drive runs way better than the 1TB xbox S! Don’t waste you you’re money my friend crashes way more than i do on his S while my older much underrated hybrid drive loads faster and crashes less, his internet is also faster lol I’m very happy with my choice!

  12. I played pubg on Xbox yesterday for 6 hours straight without crashing. Usually crash approximately 4 times when play this long. Maybe they made some progress.

  13. Every time I try to play PUBG it says connect A to connect, which I press and nothing happens and I even did a hard restart on my Xbox one twice and I barely got the game 2 months ago I didn’t have issues before then but now I do 😪

  14. I have the fix. I cant make a video but this is the fix for those having to use Infinity core changes. This is on my 350B MSI motherboard Agesa 1.0,0,2a. All you have to do is disable mode0 in Bios found under CPU features. I don't want to get technical as to why it made it crash. So enjoy PUBG….. Wahooo…… I just figured it out today had to post…

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