PUBG Xbox: Duos Removed, Free E3 Cosmetic Items, Bug Bounty, Hotfix Feedback!

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Welcome back to Lunargaming! Today, we go over all the new PUBG (Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds) news Update and talk about what it means for PS4 & XB1.
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Bug Bounty Winners –

In this news video we are once again going over the latest fps and battle royale news for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Today we are looking at the latest info for PUBG on Xbox One, including a free tracksuit cosmetic item to celebrate E3, a reward for the bug bounty programme, duos have been removed on the European servers and feedback from the hotfix. They have removed the 3D character in the player inventory which was causing the issue Drop the video a like rating if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for more PUBG guides, gameplay & news update videos: D

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  1. Never had an issue with eu servers tpp or fpp only time with fpp is like 5/6 in the morning when everyone has went off. Not a big fan of solo and found squad to be to laggy.. half the issue we've had are issues they had back on pc a year ago. This has turned into bf 4. And what I mean by that is they put out a fix and it breaks more than it fixes.. think that's it for me with pubg. Don't want to go through bf4 again takes so much out of you.. shame because pubg is a good skill game despite the tpp Conner camping

  2. It’s not crashing at all, it’s that when partying up we can not ready up with each other after the match forcing us and by us I mean all in a party any random person in said party can not ready up, forcing all or one to reset game from the start menu or home screen on Xbox home.. it’s so annoying I quit playing.. too bad really liked the game.

  3. As a 1X user, crashing as I launched the inv used to be a major issue, but after recent updates PUBG crashes in virtually every game regardless. This game has become less playable than ever, and the new map is so bad I don’t even want to play if I don’t have map choice.

  4. They really are retarded at blue hole fuck off with this bullshit game just don’t buy this Carp if you don’t have bought the game yet you will throw away 30$/30€ they are so fucking dumb thinking if it works on xbox x it will work on all xbox devices they are to laim man really they fucked up by only testing on xbox x

  5. Crashes happening too often when playing in new map. Pubg get Trancent to take over for Xbox version, you're way over your heads!

  6. Bluehole is more focused on suing epic or whoever has a BR Mode, bluehole is the worst developer ever. If they put the time in and tried to fix the game it would be the best One out but their too stupid and lazy, they rather go to court and spend money trying to explain they invented battle royal mode even when minecraft did it first smh

  7. Removing duos was a stupid move 🤦‍♀️ they’re removing something people play? To play modes they don’t play!? I only play PUBG duos when my mate is on other than that I don’t touch this game

  8. Other than the crashes . poor rendering. eating up my gigs every update. losing duos .crappy duplicate crates .shit servers .erasing stats. not being able to choose which map to play. piss-poor aiming system and graphics that aren't even up to par with x box 360 what's not to love ?

  9. FuckFUCK you blue hole bunch of frolicking pansies can't make a fucking game millions of dollars wasted on these fuck nuggets. Can't start a game right. Finish a game. Or most of all enjoy the fucking game. Fuck….. You.

  10. I haven't crashed for 2 weeks cos I keep restarting there game every time I play! And am on Xbox one lol with NO! external hard drive 👍😂

  11. Sooo OK, another pointless video explaining what players already know.
    For f*cks sake, the game itself tells everyone of all this information. Why the hell do you "streamers" make videos like this? F*ckin aggravating. Make useful videos!

  12. Thanx for the info man as always,much appreciate!!! I love the game and still will always play it,but dam I wish Sh** Hole,I mean Blue Hole lol,can get this damn game running right,lol just saying.

  13. Also I never seen a game have so many issues.If it wasn't for this game being so much fun and possibly the best shooter I ever played,I would have stopped playing it awhile ago and never would put up with them adding and removing stuff like they are doing now with fps duos,but I am almost at my limits here,lol just saying.

  14. Check out the mobile emulator for pc tencent just released, runs 45 fps on ANY pc, and pc only players. You can even use an xbox controller if u like 🤗

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