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A decent news roundup. Some not-so-great info on map selection, but I guess it was needed..


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  1. What happen to the videos of you just having some gameplay. I mean I like the info on updates and stuff as well but I miss the videos of just you and your friends playing the game. No update no info just straight play through for a couple of matches

  2. Its hilarious that Bluehole talk about things like map selection and perspective choice fragmenting game cues when the war mode is by far the biggest culprit to not being able to get a normal game in my experience, especially recently because of the huge loss to the player base because even the most optimistic have realised Bluehole don't have the chops to make pubg what we all hoped it would be.

  3. realm royale has started to take over pubg in my life. sucks but they take to long to fix stuff and takes forever for patches to happen. i have already experienced more patches and hotfixes in that game in the last week and a half then we have from pubg in the last 3 months. This is know where near enough to make me wanna play it again.

  4. Many people dont seem to realise that matchmaking 100 people is a lot different to 10, or 20 as we see in many other popular shooters. Stop comparing this map selection to CS:GO. God. Saying that….

    Hate Miramar pls dont do this blueballs oh god

  5. I wish they would get rid of the fucking handguns and the rain in that war mode, this is my favourite one and I think both just ruin it

  6. Isn't it obvious that if you implement map selection the queue would be split resulting in longer wait time? Is there even the need to test it out and take so long to realise that it is not working? I thought they knew and did it anyways coz players demanded it. I would rather play the map i hate than running around in the lobby watching player count going up and down just to wait for another 90seconds when it reaches 90. players.

  7. I fucking hate Miramar, I never want to play it, why the fuck do I have to even get into it… It's so annoying to exit 6 times in a row before I get the map I want…

  8. I like Miramar, it has a lot more variety than the original map. It could use more cover in the hills but all the towns are better. Sanhok is better than both because of the consistent fights.

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