PUBG Mobile NEEDS TO FIX THIS in Update v0.6.0 …CHEATERS!!

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This swimming glitch is getting out of control in PUBG mobile
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  1. last night I encountered a teleporting person. I was shooting at someone then pops out another person in-front of him. Lucky he didn't teleport to me.

  2. It's not hacking. I had this happen to me. When trying to land at the shelter if you clip the corner you can fall right through the ground. Happen to me multiple times. Only way to get out is to swim all the way to the ocean.

  3. I know how to go there and how to get out there's a secret place around shelter which enables us to get under the map , I knew all this because I met a guy named Josh in North America server and he took me there and he said not to tell anyone but I have told my daily squad team and we win ALL THE TIME….

  4. I experienced going under the map by using motorcycle while flipping i land badly with my char head on the ground then i slipped and i end up falling under map and after that i landed to water sht it’s only a bug not a cheat…

  5. Game is ruined anyway. It sucks because it's such an awesome game. Nobody plays legit anymore, everyone wants an advantage. You have people using emulators on PC, using a game pad on mobile, even people using mouse and keyboard on mobile and casting the phone to big screen. When you have someone straf, jump and one tap you with a headshot, they aren't using touchscreen controls

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