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In this Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds video, we will show you how to easily crouch jump manually without the need for a key bind or macro. In the September monthly update, the developers fixed the glitch that had allowed us all to easily setup the keybinding in-game or via the text file. I’m here to tell you that even without those options available, preforming a jump crouch is still incredibly easy in PUBG. Watch this quick tutorial and then try it out yourself on the Battlegrounds.

[How to: Now that there is no option to key bind crouch jump and the devs frown upon macros… Simply practice hitting the Space and “C” key at exactly the same time while moving forward and you’ll find yourself flying through windows, over walls and across roofs in no time!]

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  1. Depending on what mouse you have, (I have a razer ouroboros) you can bind one of the mouse buttons on the side to jump and crouch and just use that to crouch jump everytime

  2. After more than 10 years of cs i find it really stupid,its almost like someone told me not to fucking hold down my mouse while sprayin with the ak,holy shit i just cant get over it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. I'd love to know what the fuck I'm doing wrong…. Every time I try this jump my character gets almost too high for the window and my head clips the top of the window and won't let me pass through. At what point should I hit space and c? Should I do it like 1 foot before the window or like 4-5 foot?

  4. also is a LOT easier if you have mechanical keyboard.. my old one wasnt and it didnt register 3keys same time (W, space, crouch) i had to release W just before i jumped to get through the timing was reeealy hard.

  5. only use your thumb to push both buttons at once. That is the way the pros do it. not with 2 fingers. just a tip. Also much much easier that way to time.

  6. Can I get some help please? Crouch jumping doesnt work for me, whenever I press c and space at the same time it either makes me jump at the standard height or crouch. I've even tested this with a macro and it still doesnt work. It works for my friends though and he's playing on a laptop!!! (ive tried everything: remapping buttons, macros, I even got my friends who can do it all the time and they couldn't do it on my pc. Ive read online and saw that it should be a hardware limitation, but I legit have all razer gear and my own custom pc so that shouldn't even be a problem. HELP!!!!

    btw here are my specs if you were wondering (just in case)
    CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K
    GPU: GeForce TITAN X Pascal
    OS: Windows 10 (Home edition)
    SSD: HyperX Predator M.2 2280 960GB
    (Yes I copied shroud's setup bc im a fanboy)

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