Miramar Is My Favorite Map – PUBG

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  1. I dont mind playing Miramar a couple times a day but i dont enjoy to get forced to play it for a straight 6 hours and not being able to play a single game of erangel

  2. I actually have grown to hate Miramar, almost every time i land i get shot and die instantly before i can grab a gun. Ive gotten a total of 1 kill on the map i think

  3. Don't know why you wouldn't just take your own name. You're popular enough for it to mean something, don't need The Docs.
    Also this kid is driving me insane.

  4. If it had 200 players, i think it would be everyone's favourite map!
    Edit: Miramr is too big, i know a lot of people who don't like it for that reason… and why the fuck would you call yourself DrDisrespectLIVE, so bad!

  5. I've been watching all your videos and I'd like to give a tiny bit of feedback.

    You have a really unique and intelligent approach to how you deal with encounters, prevent encounters, etc. On the few videos you have where you add commentary about your decisions, they turn your videos from average to great. I would love to see more gameplay analyzed, even bad gameplay from your perspective.

    I hope this comes off as a compliment. You are a really good player and I would love to learn more from you.

  6. Using the Doc's name seems like a troll thing to do. I think your content is great but that did make me cringe. I reckon if I saw this on a regular basis it sounds stupid but i'd probably unsub.

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