King’s Quest (Apple II) – Video Game Years 1984

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A look at King’s Quest, the Sierra Online adventure game released on IBM PC/Apple II in 1984.
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King’s Quest is an adventure game developed by Sierra On-Line and published originally for the IBM PCjr in 1983 and later for several other systems between 1984 and 1989. The game was originally titled simply as King’s Quest; the subtitle Quest for the Crown was added to the game box in the 1987 rerelease, but did not appear in the game itself.

It is as the first official part of the long King’s Quest series (not counting 1980’s Wizard and the Princess), in which a young knight, Sir Graham, must save the Kingdom of Daventry to become the king. Designed by Roberta Williams, the game was revolutionary and highly influential in the evolution of the graphic adventure game genre by introducing more detailed graphics and animation.


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  1. I hate these games purely for the fact that you can make an innocent mistake and the whole game will be unbeatable and it won't let you know either.

  2. I know it's too late and these were filmed long ago, but you really should get some PC gaming experts to help with the PC segments. Message me, I will hook you up. 🙂

  3. 1st PC game I played and on a mobile PC (CGA 4 colors) – 1985 – People who don't like it have no idea what it was like then vs now and to those who do have idea they sound like ungrateful babies.

  4. This game still blows me away today. I was on the edge of my seat watching this. WOW. What a masterpiece. Up there with any Zelda game. Any game for that matter.

  5. This was my shit when I was little! I remember playing this on an old IBM in my parents garage when I was around 7. I couldn't figure out what to do then I typed in "climb tree" and I started climbing and I was blown away at what I was seeing, it was pure magic 🙂

  6. Ian was programmed on the same technology that debuted with King's Quest! He has a decent text parser and he can walk up to different objects and interact with them via text.

  7. Pick up rope. Pick up rope. Pick up rope. Three hours and a walkthrough later. Take rope. Bingo! By the way Pro Jared adds nothing to these videos.

  8. Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Larry typing games are the best typing games to practice typing with..

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