Invisible “OP” glitch spot under the map | PUBG Baiting [9]

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Today I found a glitch spot in PUBG where you can get between the map and what is under there. You can shoot other players or hide in there as shown. It’s the only house that I know of were it works. Its on the new map “sanhok” if anyone didn’t notice lol^^

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  1. Guys don't be so triggered, I used this glitch in 3 matches for the vid and I'm not doing it anymore… get a fucking live^^
    Btw this town is at the bottom of the map which is most likely not even in the first zone…

  2. I don't play TPP.
    But i'm not hating him.
    These guys who's hating him probably the one's who yes plays FPP but are fucking cowards who can't do a hot drop or the guys who loot a gun then camp a building until the blue zone moves.

  3. "Wow you play third person, what a pussy". People can play the game however they want to. Just because you play it a different way doesn't make you any better or worse than anyone else, grow the fuck up

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