Galaxy on Fire – Manticore RISING (by FishLab) – Apple TV – HD Gameplay Trailer (60 FPS)

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Galaxy on Fire – Manticore RISING by Deep Silver FishLab (iOS* / Android** / Windows Phone/***)

Galaxy on Fire – Manticore RISING is the official prologue to the upcoming mobile game Galaxy on Fire 3 – Manticore.

As such, the riveting narrative of its “story” mode directly leads up to the conflict of the next GOF game on smartphones and tablets, which is scheduled to be released in 2016.

While Manticore RISING sports the same look and uses the same assets as GOF3 on mobile, its gameplay and handling are fundamentally different.

Here, we have fully focused on the unique complexion of the new platform and designed Manticore RISING in a way that caters for a smooth and seamless sci-fi gaming experience on the new Apple TV.

We understood right from the start that this was not mainly about finding ways to squeeze familiar iOS mechanics into the corset of the new platform.

Instead, we had to design a game that felt and played like a full-fledged Apple TV original on the one hand and still qualified as a genuine member of the GOF family on the other.




*/**/*** = Comming too soon to iOS/Android & More.


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  1. I was just about 2 download but found out it isn't out yet lol! this is dope! I loved the second GOF but this 1 is getting there…..

  2. this looks amazing! but PLEASE give us the option to play with out the remote! if this is some plot to get more people to buy the stupid remote, I will pass!

  3. Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of my FAVORITE iOS games.

    GoF3 Manticore is a DISGRACE!!

    First of all, it is pay to win. I hate this with every fiber of my being! Galaxy on Fire 2 was a pay once and play game!!

    Second of all, the story SUCKS! The characters are uninteresting and have little to no development or voice acting. Where's Keith?! In Galaxy on Fire 2, every character was funny and interesting in their own way.

    Third, THERE IS NO FREE ROAM!!!!😡😡😡 How can you call this a space game if there is no FREE ROAM!!!!!!! Free roam DEFINED Galaxy on Fire 2!!! It was so much fun to go to all of the different planets and dock at the stations.

    Fourth, there is no trading OR asteroid mining. This was one of the most fun things in GoF2. It was relaxing and simple way to make some cash and get that ship you were saving up for.

    Fifth, the controls are terrible in GoF3, and it is VERY hard to aim. Galaxy on Fire 2 had much better controls that felt more realistic.

    Sixth, the framerate and graphics are worse than GoF2. GoF2 had a solid FPS that NEVER dipped on my phone. In GoF3, the game lags and crashes constantly.

    Overall this game is A MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! Galaxy on Fire 2 is a fantastic space game with fun characters, controls, story, and exploration. Galaxy on Fire 3 has none of these.


  4. What happened to everything the ships looked amazing now they don’t look Terran at all and what happened to the vossk I liked there ships like the k,suuk now they look so strange unfitting and what happened to every other faction we’re the midorions? Were”s the free trade the side quests and only 23 ships? What about the other 50 I think there were so many weapons and items you could collect and then there’s the controls terrible it’s extremely uncomfortable and you can’t aim is and nightmare just battling one before I got this game and saw how terrible it was after finishing GOF2 I started to play and I asked were are the ships?where is the drive and the stations?weres everything that made GOF well GOF the best aspects of the game were taken out for this and that’s why they should completely scrap GOF3 and start over and make a good game like GOF2

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