Apple TV as Game Console – Does it suck?

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Is the Apple TV a good micro console for gaming?
Blunty burns through 15 game reviews on the new Apple TV to see if it has the chops to be a decent gaming console, especially with the “siri remote” as the game controller….
See Full in-dept review of the Apple TV here;

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  1. The remote is a nice little piece of hardware. It seems to be pretty solid. and we'll have to see how the top button handles clicking after some time. It looks like it really depends on how each developer designed the controls for it.

    That Golf game's graphics were miserable. That should be kicked off Apple TV.

  2. from the Rayman gameplay is seems that you can't get Rayman to stand still besides running into a wall. Is this true, and if so, how doesn't it get annoying?

  3. Shame to hear Halfbrick have become yet another micro-transaction company. I did work experience at their studio for a couple years, and they're great people… Such a shame.

    I might have to look into getting one of these AppleTV's just for gaming. Seems pretty mad.

  4. The review is just I want to see about this whole new 4th Apple TV's controller, looks like all the engineer should be have a better view of new generation of TV games, the way of how game controller works with this TV and as the publisher of this review mentioned, either way, it should be natural, precise, and made just for Apple TV, just just bring bunch of games from other platforms even iPhone, iPad, different game platform should have different method, thanks for the hard work of this review, it helps.

  5. One answer I haven't seen yet is – can I re-download all my iOS games to the Apple TV without paying again? Being able to use an MFi pad with the GTA games for example would make this work for me.

  6. Ya.. that Disney Infinity statement is incorrect. You can have the full console experience on there. If you buy the base etc…
    The Console versions open up with the same bitesize levels to give you a feel for them.

  7. Very nice review! I am super biased as I really enjoy playing iOS games, so Of course the Apple TV is a Game Console. But your analysis of the Siri Remote makes a lot of sense – it is really in the hands of the developer. Loved the video!

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