Apple TV 2015 Review: Games, Apps, Hardware – Everything

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UPDATE: Some good news – Apple TV now finally has a BBC iPlayer app!

Apple’s made a games console! Well, it’s more of a hybrid box, with concentrating more on media streaming and apps, but can it cut it as a games machine? Rich takes a look.

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  1. I don't really understand who this is marketing to…. No one says "Wow, these mobile games would be 10 times better on a huge television!" And these days 90% of all new TVs come with apps and programs like netflix and hulu so most of what this is already doing is already there….

  2. As a media device I think this whould be good for HDMI TV's purely for watching shows and movies like Chromecast and the upcoming Android TV but for Video Games this probably won't take off and most people I know whould get a console or a PC for Gameing

    Something I was thinking about while typing (could be considered a rant)
    Dose Apple or Google even think there have a big enough market for a Micro-Console after the OUYA and Razer TV when people have the choice between a PlayStation 4,Xbox One,Wii U,Steam Machine and building or buying a prebuilt PC when those (excludeding the Wii U) are getting the biggest third party titles and even in the Wii U's case that getting some grate games too (Xenoblade Chronicle X, Star Fox Zero, The Legand of Zelda not many but they are still there) in short there are bigger and better options from plenty of companys so why even try to market this as a semi consoles and as a pure media box. thats my three cents.

    but who knows this could end up being really cool like the original Wii or sank with the OUYA.

  3. I'm a dev who got one as part of an Apple giveaway (was to encourage app development for the device). Honestly, the limitations put on devs for apps with it are really annoying. Did you know an app can't save information to the device (must use iCloud or some form of online storage). Apps have a limited download size and the rest of assets needed have to be "streamed" down to a cache, which is dumped once the user closes the app. Your app must support the remote too – even if you have a game that would be ideal for a controller.
    It's a slick machine, but needs to have the limits/restrictions lifted or at least not as tight.

  4. Eh, doesn't look but not really something someone like me who already has a proper games console that can do everything this thing can do and is a fair amount more powerful. It could be successful as a budget system if it was packaged with a proper controller.

  5. I dont know why waggle and touch controls are still a thing. They compromise control for many many games.
    I just cant take any machine seriously that focuses on them.

  6. I noticed that some of his complains seem to be limited because of being in the UK. He did not mention the ability to use a third party gaming controller to have a better experience with the games.

  7. 32GB/64GB with no means to add more space , Game play being less then that of the Wii with Video being very close to that of the Wii. Casual gamer well not want it , Toes looking to just watch video`s that they seem to be going after with gaming being nothing more then a afterthought well not want it.
    Who is this for? people wanting Casual to non Casual gaming are looking more at a steam box are nvida sheld , Same with video people want 4k output today not 1080p.

  8. How does Apple get away with tiny hard dives where people have to keep buying the same product over time to keep using it?
    Like with the Ipod people did keep re buying it over time to be able to use it do to space.
    Everyone lets use a ext drive are SD it is the most basic of standards today.

  9. I like the new one except Netflix needs a update. The categories selection is missing, the original Apple TV 2/3 Netflix is so much better. I own all models except the original one.

  10. The channel is evolving fast and its very flattering, as I am a fan of yours. Please review the Nvidia Shield and Steam link microconsole. it'll be interesting to get your professional take on those media boxes.

  11. LMFAO, would you believe me that isheep argued with me that the Apple TV will take over Console and PC Gaming X-D

    I'll keep Foxtel for my TV/ movie watching and PC for my gaming.

  12. read the same sort of feedback about the nexus player, still bought it and haven't been disappointed. even saying that I only use it as a Chromecast and as a remote play device for my ps4. the beautiful interface of android TV always lulls my concerns, this ui also looks gorgeous (apart from its lack of organisation).

  13. Sounds like an Apple branded Roku to me. I would just get Roku and pay half the price lol. And to be honest who cares if it doesn't have the A9 chip. I am willing to bet this device preforms absolutely great with the A8 chip. It's not like you're doing anything crazy on it.

  14. I feel like Apple purposely downgrades hardware with new products, like using an A8 for this apple tv, just so that they can have an excuse to "reinvent" their product in a way that could have been done in its initial release. Expect an Apple TV 2 with an A9 or the new apu apple will come up with because they've done this all the time. i.e. the first gen iPad mini didn't have a retina display even though the newer gen iPads of the time did, you had to wait till the next year and spend more money on the upgraded product from last year -_-

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