Apple II Classics – Cannonball Blitz

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This series is a personal journey into the past, reexperiencing the Apple II games I played during my formative years.

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  1. I like how the first level at least had SOME amount of little twists, but the deeper you get, the more it's just an outright poor clone offering nothing new.

  2. I remember playing this game in 4th grade at school. Been looking for it or at least the name of it for years upon years. FINALLY! Thanks for uploading this.
    Could never get past the third level, though seeing as that's the end of the game, I feel I didn't miss much…

  3. I thought this game was insanely difficult when I played it. I suspect it's this game and maybe a few others that got me more interested in turn-based RPGs rather than action games.

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