Apple declares: the PC is dead, buy more iPads! [Brut de News]

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In this video, we once more deal with doomsaying hipsters declaring the death of the desktop PC, the advent of tablet-computing, and general horribleness of the Starbucks zombie generation. This time, it’s non other than Apple CEO Tim Cook who bingoes the desktop PC crowd. Strap yourself in for yet another round of ‘LOL WHO NEEDS DESKTOPS LOL JUST BY MY IPAD PRO’!

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  1. apple is the new edison
    edison didn't invent anything (lightbulb was already invented), bought patents for inventions before the actual inventor could, and sued and even sent out gangs to anyone who used his patented products
    so, apple is the modern day edison

  2. Apple as a tech brand is dead. Well. It continues to be dead. It died with Steve Jobs. It's just a brand and that brand is telling you that the PC brand isn't nearly as popular as the Apple brand in getting the throwaway casual demographic that want a device to do the bare minimum because at this point while having technology at the palm of our hands is a necessity for the first world wants and needs, there has never been a more relevant time to be completely and absolutely bewildered and confused by technology.

    Apple will never be compatible with the majority of software and hardware and it will never be good enough for the majority of PC games. Apple will always be a poor value hardware wise as it has similar parts to a run of the mill Desktop or laptop but does far less and charges twice as much.

    The need to jailbreak Ipads and iphones could almost be a sustainable market if it wasn't legally dubious as anyone that wants to get ANYTHING substantial out of there phones realize that it's offering very little and restricting a lot.

    Apple however will continue to be the most profitable tech brand the world has ever known. Despite it's failings on a technical level it's resell value is still extremely high.

    And that's it.

    True computer developers never put their time an effort into catering to Apple users and apple devices first. So the dreamers and innovators will continue to use PC and yes. Even occasionally play with funny console gimmick tools like motion controls to create a interesting interaction when completely unrelated devices are recoded to interact with each other through 3rd party software or what have you.

    The new super duper pro tablet that apple is putting out will yield the same sort of result the ipod shuffle did. Hardcore, careless consumers who spend their money on brand logos rather than products will buy it and the rest of us will shake our heads at them.

  3. Its Apple being Apple. Steve Jobs might have been not such a great guy but he did at least push SOME innovation in his products. The newer apple, and the one between when steve was first fired and rehired, thinks they can sell you somthing underpowered just because it has i before the name. Kind of like how Microsoft figured they could fuck gamers with the Xbox One and still sell shit tons cause it said Xbox on it. News Flash companies your consumers arnt as stupid as they used to be. Not all your customers are going to buy your stuff just because it has your name on it.

  4. He was right, and my Ipad Pro has absolutely AMAZING usage! HDMI ports, multiple USB 3.0 ports, MIMO wifi, dual OS boot, and I can download a multitude of games from the app…er….wait…this is my Surface Pro 4. Plus, for some reason I can't get Farcry 3 to run on this….DAMN U INTERNET! U LIED AGAIN!!! I trusted you! sob

  5. I don't even call that coffee tea but its normal name anymore I called them star schmutz granted I got that from watching foamy the squirrel but still it fits

  6. Interesting points. I agree with you that today's innovation isn't about moving the tech forward, but about making it "cool". When I first started building my own PC's it wasn't considered "cool". In fact mentioning you had any interest in it meant you were liable to get you your ass kicked (hell mentioning you liked video games in general would have gotten your ass kicked). I learned more about computers trying to get Mech Warrior 2 to work on my damn pentium than I did in college.

    We are in an age of designer tech and the marketers are happy to cater to those with more money than brains.

  7. Whenever Apple says something is "Post-P.C." they just say that people should buy Macs, the iPad Pro is simply an inferior Microsoft Surface clone, and the iPad itself is a range of weak overpriced cell.-phones.

  8. Apple is apple does. This is basically about closed market versus open market. They are just promoting their business structure like any entrepreneurs. There's no merit with what apple has to say.

  9. Aaaaand its quoting Q&A time again…
    Q (Tim Cook): I think if you're looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?

    A (Le me): Because I prefer to have a REAL computer who is bloody fecking versatile and can be tailored to my (and of course also everyones else's) individual needs instead of a technically castrated, pseudo-'one size, fits all" and ridiculously overpriced toy (which doesn't even remotely qualify as a dinner tray substitute because of its ridiculous size) for technically illiterate Hipsters who like to be paternalized by their gadget suppliers.
    And yes, I prefer my 24" monitor over a puny little 9-12" display any day, not only for watching videos, playing games, but just for about anything, including actual work.

    I think that with a mindset like his, Cook does ensure that Apple won't endanger the dominance of the PC for a very, very long time, and that's a good thing.

    (Don't get me wrong, though. I do think that there is a number of tasks where tablets actually can be quite useful, but I highly doubt that Cook was referring to those.)

  10. I'm a pc gamer but I find my of less useful more and more but I do play GTA5 still. I will run my machine till it dies out then probably stick to console and tablets

  11. Why would you even need a tablet?
    What's that good for?
    Like if I travel a lot, and need performance I buy a laptop, if I mostly sit at home, I get a desktop for the even better performance. Let's add a smart phone, just because it fits in my pocket, and that it.
    The ONLY thing that a tablet can do better than either of those, is looking at photos of the notebook of someone before exam, and hopefully I will get over that phase in 4 years, but even then I have my own notes on paper!

  12. Tim Cook is killing the company. I DON'T want iPads or other ios devices. I just want a powerful desktop computer (not a trash can) or a quad core Mac mini (late 2012) Everything else is crap! And make a better OS… Apple isn't innovating anymore. I couldn't care less about their products nowadays and i used to be such a huge fan because they made me love computers again… (I really hate Micro$oft.)

  13. Sigh, how a tablet with no proper flash support,usb connectivity,non up-gradable storage and battery can replace even the crappiest netbook is beyond me!

  14. I see Apple as the Sega of the computer world. They will either leave pc one day or quit and sell their programs off to use on other computers.

    Tim Cook really believes a underpowered iPad with a wacom intuos 3 ripoff of a pen is more powerful than a high end rig then he must be on some strong ass weed.

  15. Android is better then apple simply cuz you can watch flash videos without installing apps. Basically anything that's not youtube. Also you don't have to have a email to access most of the features so if your email deletes itself, mostly by clicking out of it, your apps will still be safe.

  16. Actually, when the iPad Pro came out, i started to see people with them everywhere, acting like as if they were the future of technology or some crap.

    People would show up to my classes with iPads when the prerequisites said bring a laptop. That’s literally retarded. I had to actually tell them that an iPad is not a computer, and they reply with “but the ad said…, or but Apple said…”

    No iDiot, an iPad is not a PC, it is an unnecessarily oversized iPod Touch, with no additional features.

    Fortunately, just as I suspected, the hype died down after like, less than a month, and everyone who was flaunting their iPad Pros and $200 optional keyboards around realized that it’s just a sh**ty iPad. Then they stopped using them and went back to their laptops as usual.

    Meanwhile, I was teaching said classes from my Surface Pro the entire time, a thinner, lighter, better looking tablet with far more capabilities, because it runs Windows 10 Pro with the latest 8th gen i7 CPU & 16GB of RAM, allowing it to run all the advanced CAD and modeling software I need, not to mention that it has actual full-size USB ports unlike the MacBook (not) Pro. Suck it Apple.

    Also, I noticed that many of the people who participated in the iPad Pro trend were business types, who ended up very disappointed in the iPad’s lack of capabilities. It’s odd, because business types aren’t usually Apple’s target demographic, but hey I guess Apple hype can work on anyone.

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