(4K) Apple TV vs iPhone 6s+ GAMING SHOOTOUT – Asphalt 8

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FULL APPLE TV REVIEW NOW LIVE; https://youtu.be/2n_vv_XeWSE
Decided to have a little side by side shootout between the iPhone and Apple TV versions of Asphalt 8… and aside from the Apple TV version being BLISSFULLY vacant of all the F’ING ADS that INFEST the mobile version… there’s a few little differences in performance, can you spot them?

Music by http://teknoaxe.com


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  1. On the Apple TV version, was the game a straight up port of mobile, or did they actually take the time to up the frame rate, resolution? Was it a good port?

  2. i totally got sidetracked with the music being great i thought it was in game at first till i looked into the description box
    it gave the game that ridge racer 5 feel to it
    maybe give it a try with punch quest thats a nice little game if it can work on the apple tv

  3. Purty Game. I wonder if someone will come up with a Plastic Controller holder to pop the Remote into where it would feel like you were holding a game controller. A less expensive alternative to buying the full Apple TV game controller. I am sure the 3D printing community will come up with some. You should find someone and do 2 player Crossy Road on the Apple TV.

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