15 minutes of Apple TV games

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We play Alto’s Adventure, Lightblade Academy, Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising, Rayman Adventures, Transistor, Lumina City and Xenowerk, each of which has something unique to show about the new Apple TV.

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  1. i tried this out at the apple store, controlling the games with the apple remote is frustrating and too imprecise. there were a few games that frustrated the hell out of me, Breakneck, battle supremacy, geometry wars and asphalt 8. and a few other apps didn't impress either. Battle Supremacy takes the cake for bad controls. Right now, it's still wait and see for me. apple tv games are just ok right now.

  2. For Transistor, the PC version let's you use both modes. You would choose either, depending on the situation. This review seems to imply that you can't use both modes with the controller enabled?

  3. Nice video, some good games there =) And yeah, the option to use either the remote or joypad requires extra work on dev side but is nice to have.
    Have a look at Worldy Cup on the new Apple TV, it's a fast paced arcade soccer game with powerups and super shots and already has couch multiplayer for 3 players. Right now it has remote and joypad controls (and when playing single player one can switch between using both on the fly, too. In MP it assigns each input device to one player ), and now i'm working on adding support for using iOS devices as controller, too so one can have even more players join the game for couch MP.

  4. I have specific questions in relating to how the Apple TV Siri remote is used. I have cerebral palsy and almost normal use of one hand and extremely limited use of the other. As a child I was able to play Nintendo like games but as I became older the controllers featured more and more buttons and I became unable to play them. It seems to me I would be able to play games on the new Apple TV with one hand? Games that use more interrogate controls on the remote, does it let you know this before buying the game? Also, some unrelated questions, when watching television on the Apple TV you need to download a separate app for each channel you watch? There is no like say Verizon App where you verify you are a customer and it lets you watch all the channels through it? I am also very excited to be able to use my Bluetooth headphones with this, any issues? Thank you!

  5. Wow! I hate this fucking video. Instead of showing yourselves playing the game so I can see how the remote controls, you decide to just show the game. Thanks a lot ass!

  6. Watching your video is basically the first time that I saw potential in the Apple tv as a game platform. It will be interesting to see how things look in the future.

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