Xbox News Tonight: Big Xbox Game Delayed: Xbox Exclusive Goes To PS4: PUBG Update Changes Things

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  1. Public service notice:
    Xbox One X – For the definitive console version!ย  If not – blame developer.
    PS4 PROgresso soup gets the peasant's blurry version. Every. Single. Time!

  2. Omg candleman! Really who cares. Dude just stop already. I'm an xbox one x owner love xbox. But wtf candleman. We happy few is not a big game like you stated in your clickbait title.

  3. Ark true 720p on Pro
    Tekken 7 true 1080p on Pro
    Evil within true 1080p on Pro
    Hellblade true 720p45 on Pro
    Fortnite true 1080p on Pro
    GTS true checkerboardet 1800p(2,9 native pixels lol)
    Sonic forces true 1080p on Pro
    Eric carter true 1080p on Pro
    Batman Return To Arkham 1080p on Pro
    Elite dangerous true 1080p on Pro
    Nier automata true 1080p on Pro
    Overwatch true 1080p on Pro(and 4K ui LMAO)
    Prey true 1080p on Pro
    Rime true 1080p on Pro
    Sniper Elit 4 true 1080p on Pro

    Uncompromised 1080p?
    Pro = Ps4

  4. Candleman is a really good game which is also highly underrated and underappreciated. PS4 owners, I strongly suggest you support the game. Having it go multiplat is a good thing, it'll bring in new fans and have a better chance for success. Enjoy it. ๐Ÿ‘

  5. Stop hating on Crapgamer! Crapgamer is a time traveler from an alternate reality where all his video titles are true and Sony is devastated and humiliated on a daily basis. PS4 has flopped worst than Atari Jaguar in that alternate reality, Sony is despised more than EA lootcrates, is on the verge of bankruptcy, and most of its execs have either jumped out of windows or have had psychological meltdowns.

  6. Dont really care for this game but that pathetic losing another exclusive now u xtards belive Xbox is trash ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ next will be halo because Microsoft said it might be going to ps4 xbox gets even more pathetic

  7. Damn, PUGB, Minecraft, its like if Microsoft is the only company that knows what games ACTUALLY make money, unlike Sony and their poor franchises ๐Ÿ™

  8. A game you hated when it was shown at your own E3 conference two years ago, a game that was ALREADY on everything and my toaster, and the MONUMENTAL SHOCKER of an unfinished game getting updated.

    SUMMER OF XBOX RIGHT HERE Y'ALL. 2018-2019 for games that have been teased since 2014, where you at!

  9. THEN
    "Xbox exclusive? AWESOME!!"

    "Oh its going to all platforms? Yeah we werent gonna buy it anyway."

    This is what crap thinks of the xbox community in his first breathe in this video lmao.

  10. Yeah, we need to stop caring so much about these Indies. Sony doesn't seem too… Too many Indies is making M$ and Sony lazy IMO. They figure we can just get by with the Indies… especially it would seem M$. I don't plan on ever getting a PS, but Indies have over-saturated the market.

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