When PUBG Streamers open Crates – Insane Skins! (ft. Shroud, DrDisRespect, …)

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When PUBG Streamers open Crates – Insane Skins! (ft. Shroud, DrDisRespect, …)
PUBG Crate Opening = Bandana, Uniform Set, Red-Hi-Top Trainers, Skirts, Trenchcoat or maybe just working Boots?
►Win now PUBG Skins: http://pubgpool.com/

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  1. Super cool thing is that next year in spring hackcon will have a server that you can buy that copies any server you want like pubg’s server. Then you can edit the server so give yourself 100 skirts then go back to the regular pubs server and it will stay. Then you make a couple of accounts and spread the skirts out. Start selling and make some god damn bank.

    Server is 220$

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