Water melon Shooter: US Army Apple Shooting Game

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Do you love playing 3D shooting games? Grab sniper rifle or gun in hand to play newest watermelon shooting game in play store. Smash and squash water filled fresh fruits in this crazy apple shooting game. Download watermelon shooter: US army apple shooting simulator in your mobile and tablets.

Become real shooter learn the art of shooting sniper gun on US Army shooting range. Get inside military school to crushing fruits in this new shooting gun simulator for free. Use sniper scope for perfect watermelon shooting on top of USA army marine head. Get army training on shooting range with long range sniper shooting games 2017. Aim target on moving object to play newest apple shooting games, try shooting limited bullets of gun and snipers. Forget the mines field and bombs shooting you will love shooting watermelon in this real shooter game 2017. Challenge army shooter in the best sniper games with watermelon shooting simulator. Play the crazy watermelon shooting simulator the best modern weapon shooting sims with moving targets. Use modern weapons and shotguns in amazing watermelon shooting simulator. Improve focus and show precision on shooting range as skilled marksman and hunter. Hold breath before you pull trigger in this epic sniper shooting game.

Forget ordinary hunting simulator and zombie shooting games when you can enjoy best target practice on army shooting range in new free shooter game. Grab handguns, pistols and long range sniper rifles in watermelon shooting game. Shoot moving target in watermelon shooting simulator to show off your real hunter shooting skills. Crush fruits with shooting bullets in this crazy crusher smasher rifle shooting game. Blast watermelon on long shooting range with modern weapons in this amazing fruit shooter games. Play watermelon shooter: US army apple shooting game with your family and friends. Challenge your high school friends with the best watermelon shooting game. Hit the bull’s-eye to become champion in this battle ground. If you love plying shooting sniper games then you love playing real shooter gun simulator watermelon shooting sim.

Enjoy shooting apple, pineapple and more juicy fruits with sniper shooting game. Be player unknown on US army training school and start shooting bullets to moving targets in this apple shooting games 2017. Train with army shooter and enhance your long range sniper shooting skills in the watermelon shooting game. Start shooting apple on military camp, dare to shooting watermelon on head of soldier. Experience best shooting game in your android mobile and tablets with lots of fun. Feel the thrill of shooting sniper to moving objects and smashing them in the air.

Watermelon Shooting Games 2017 Feature:
30 intense watermelon shooting levels
Multiple weapons shooting on fresh fruits
Real physics base puzzle and shooting maze
Realistic fruit crushing and smashing animations
Smooth sniper scope to give you best sniper games experience
Use modern weapon in the crazy melon shooting game

Download watermelon shooter: US army apple shooting game to become pro and a champion shooter. Enjoy the real army shooting inside the military training camp location with realistic gun shooting, crushing and smash sounds. Kill time with best 3D broken animations aim the watermelon shoot fruit precisely in this best shooting game.


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