VR Roundtable – Episode 28 (Upcoming PSVR Games, Fallout 4 VR, Apple AR Rumours, VR Haters + More)

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Welcome to VR Roundtable – Episode 28. In this show we talk about:

– Slate of new PSVR games revealed [8:01]
– Fallout 4 VR to be demoed at E3 2017 / Scorpio VR? [13:35]
– Apple rumours of AR interest from anonymous source [43:05]
– Giant Cop release date [52:53]
– Paranormal Activity locomotion update [55:08]
– Have some VR titles missed the boat? [1:06:00]
– VR haters [1:20:53]
– Compound / VR Retro gaming possibilities [1:36:54]
– Deadly Hunter [1:44:52]
– Driveclub VR and racing wheels [1:46:39]
– Here They Lie [1:51:26]
– Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars [1:55:00]
– EverestVR [1:57:41]

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  1. According to Phil Spencer microsoft is moving away from third party console exclusives and instead focus more on first party games.
    I also highly doubt something like fallout 4 would be capable of running on the scorpio unless it has a really beefy CPU as at least the current flat screen version is very CPU demanding.

  2. I think this is one of the big downsides of a open platform like steamvr. There is absolutely no quality control at all when it comes to system requirements and often the listed requirements does not even match reality.
    And some games like obduction apparently do not run well even on the most high end systems with a 1080ti or titanXP.

    That is one of the benefits of walled gardens like oculus home I think, as it seems like they try to make sure that the games at least on rift headset runs on the minimum specs.

  3. Hey Gary, were are all your guitars man. Did you sell them to afford all the fancy VR tech? 🙂 jk.
    Speaking of, could be an interesting theme for a Deep Dive episode perhaps… Could VR and making music work together? Just a suggestion as I have been pondering this question myself being a guitarist, developer and vr enthusiast.

  4. I bought a Oculus Rift And Touch Controllers and i fucking love it. I can play robo recall and Super Hot over and over and over and not get bored of it. They have such good replay value. Then theirs Arizona sunshine, lucky tale and even games like affected the manor . Those are titles i have played and really enjoyed . Theres tons of other games to play and enjoy. Wait till doom vr , fall out vr lone echo and other great titles are released . FUCK i can see a resident evil 7 vr for RIFT AND VIVE coming eventually . This Is not a thing that will die . This is the future and i cant wait for more games.

  5. Great segment about VR haters. Just bought a PSVR 4 days ago (having a blast, it was like rediscovering video games all over again for me and I will never let it go, in fact, games that as a gamer I would otherwise never be interested in playing say on a 2D screen, not only became more interesting to me but actually became fun to me in VR.) I also found a great community of support (PSVR Franks Channel). Found myself agreeing with practically all of what was said. Great discussion.

    The thing that gets to me is the people who trash talk VR who have never even experienced it or even probably touched a VR headset. It's like they have memories or have watched a doc from 80's/90's attempts of VR so they automatically dismiss it. It's really sad because anyone who was experienced VR will tell you its nothing like the gimmick ages. Far from it.

    Another sad point is that we've all been spoiled by 2D… so when someone new to VR is looking at a VR game in 2D, that is never going to get across the real experience and probably never will. It's like they can't comprehend the words "you feel like you are really there". Either they think we're lying or just can't comprehend what we are saying.

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