VR News Jul 5, 2017 – Apple Joins WebVR – VRstudios 8 Player Warehouse Scale & More!

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Epyx911 VR News

Cheers Guys!

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Intro and Summary of News: 00:00 to 01:23
‘Just in Time’ VR Puzzle Game Vive: 01:24 to 02:12
‘Augmented Empire’ Turn Based Tactic Game: 02:13 to 02:45
VRstudios announces 8 Player Warehouse Scale: 02:46 to 03:30
4 Things That Make China Unique VR Market: 03:31 to 05:33
Nokia and Xiaomi Team Up for VR: 05:34 to 06:26
Windows Mixed Reality Setup Guide: 06:27 to 07:27
Apple Joins WebVR? 07:28 to 08:12
Volkswagen Using VR: 08:13 to 09:30

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  1. I must admit, I am not crazy about the new format. I liked the news caster feel of your previous videos, with the pics/videos in the mini window. It sounds like you got something up your sleeve, though.

  2. It's a good idea to try diffrent ways to present your news.
    I hope you will not be exhausted with all the works it takes 7 days a week.

    Note: your room lighting & picture quality is mutch better now.

  3. Hi Epyx, you have a great sounding voice which is very 'listenable to', but I do like to see your face because I like to see your own reactions as you tell the news. The full screen video with the voice over format is great for the round-up videos and is a nice contrast to the regular news-casting style which you have established so well. Now a mixture of the two could work well, maybe a brief 'to the camera' introduction of the news story to come then a cut to a short video or picture, then back to you for the next intro and so on…

    I actually find you more interesting than the content sometimes, just something to bear in mind.

  4. Haha don't use this format dude..totally lost the natural flow of your normal news shows 👎like somebody was holding you hostage and this is the ransom video 😂

  5. I prefer to the old format. 100% screen illustration make VR News cold. I missed the living side. But would be cool, sometimes to jump 100% screen news when the illustration would worst it.

  6. nothing wrong with your face at all, but while listening to the news i prefer to see this kind of related pictures more, loving this new layout, of course would be even better to watch some kind of videos as well in "cult of mush" style but will take too much time probably.. only thing that matters are the news at the end

  7. sorry Epyx I hate to say it as you're such a top guy but i hate the new format very less personal and the personal bit is what I love about your channel so much.

  8. Love the new style of presentation. Giving the headlines at the start seems smart for those people who don't look in to the descriptions. I'm excited to see how your content will evolve from this point onward.

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