Vaulting & Climbing – NEW PUBG UPDATE!

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Vaulting & Climbing – NEW PUBG UPDATE!

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Full Patch Notes:

Client Optimization
Optimized terrain data to reduce memory usage
Reduced the lag issue when terrain is loading
Reduced the lag issue when multiple players are in sight

Server Optimization
Optimized server performance by adjusting network throughput

Added vaulting & climbing action

Game Play
Vehicle driving balance is modified
* We are adjusting driving sounds to be more realistic. Sources of vehicle sounds will be improved.
Vehicle driving is adjusted to be more realistic
This is an early stage of balancing. We need your feedback to improve driving.
Improved the vehicle and passenger animations

Ballistics overhaul
Projectiles fired from firearms are now affected by air drag. This means that projectiles will now lose velocity over time leading to greater bullet drop and longer travel time
Large scopes (8x, 15x) now have variable zoom that can be adjusted using the Mouse Wheel (by default)
Red dot, holo and 2x sights can now have their reticle’s brightness adjusted using Mouse Wheel
Hit areas have been modified
Neck is now protected by the helmet
Damage to the chest area is increased
Base damage is now modified by weapon class
The actual damage is now taking into account following multipliers
Base damage stat of the weapon
Distance traveled by the projectile (damage decreases over distance)
Hit area damage multiplier
Weapon class multiplier

Fixed the excessive aim-punch while leaning in ADS mode
Removed the blurring effect of the weapon and objects close to camera that appeared in non-ADS mode

Unified the sizes of all UAZ models, the number of seats decreased to 4

Improved the backpack capacity UI in the inventory screen

When we prepared to release the first Early Access version of PUBG earlier this year, we were not fully prepared to respond to the issue of cheating. Since then, our traffic grew exponentially and it became an even bigger issue.

Earlier this month, we noted that we have been adding new measures and detection methods to address the cheat issue more effectively. To provide a healthy environment to our players, addressing this issue is now our top priority. We are constantly improving our anti-cheat measures and adding new ones.

With our recent efforts to strengthen the measures, the volume of players who use cheats has been reduced by 25% overall, and the volume of malicious, extreme cheaters has been reduced by 50%.

However, we know that this is not enough, which is why we are approaching this in multiple ways – monitoring 24 hours a day, strengthening security systems and applying additional anti-cheat solutions. Regarding other measures that our players have suggested, we are looking into a few that may be quite effective.

The battle against cheats may be endless. But we will do our best to create a healthier, better environment for everyone and take strong actions against distributors and sellers of cheats as well as those who use them.

Lastly, we would like to again ask for your understanding regarding client crashes you may experience during this test. We’d like to also thank the players who have been patiently waiting for an update. Although we may not leave comments on every piece of feedback we see, we are always monitoring and reflecting on it. We appreciate it very much. In one of the subsequent dev blogs, we will be addressing the issues that are being discussed in the community, bugs that are not fixed in this test build and issues that were not mentioned in today’s dev blog. We are also preparing to share more about the damage equation later as we noted above.

We are looking forward to getting your feedback on our first PC 1.0 test build.


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  1. Great video .. i loved the new update it brings much more awesome features and with the new map i won't close this game xD
    "Sorry barry allen" Lol iam dead xD xD

  2. Something I'd like to see added is a practice mode for 3 very important parts of PUBG that are not important in other popular FPS.

    Mode 1: Long ranged practice.

    Prior to PUBG, the only FPS I've ever played were close ranged clusterfuck messes, I never really got the chance to practice long ranged firefights. Whenever I'm in a solo game and run across a sniper, I know that I'm an ass shot so I should leave it alone, but I also know the only way for me to get better at sniping is to practice. So I end up picking up the sniper and losing the chicken dinner because I decided to practice sniping. The furthest kill I've probably gotten is 400m with an assault rifle. With a sniper it's probably 300m.

    Due to PUBG's realism, fights tend to be long to mid ranged fights. Not many (popular) FPS before PUBG have such a focus on fights ranging from so far. Eventually I'll get better at sniping, but I think a practice mode will allow me to not lose out on a lot of kills and wins because I decided to practice in game.

    Mode 2: Early game practice.

    A very important part of PUBG is the early game, because you can't learn anything new if you can't even survive the initial landing. Many beginners drop school to try and learn how to play, but it takes so many games before beginners to even gain a mediocre level of looting. Early game mode could be where you compete against bots or other people parachuting and collecting items as fast as possible, which will get beginners comfortable with a different array of weapons.

    Mode 3: Spotting practice

    Another major part of this game is spotting little dots in the distance and trying to figure out where you're being shot from, something not seen in many other games. This would be where a bot fires at you and you have to discern where the shots are coming from and spot where they are and fire back.

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  4. I didn't know that was new update that we can climb wall and any objects. And found a little bug. Yesterday my character is walking so slow I hold shift still walking jump again walking. They need find a bug in Murcia u know near power mitila idk. If u stuck this bug just crouch it will automatically fix it.

  5. I always had 80 or 70 fps and now i have been playing 2 days and my fps droped to 30 and 27 i dont know whats wrong its not my computer because csgo and other games have the same fps as before all i know is that it’s annoying and i cant fix it

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