Update 11 for PUBG Xbox One – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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Patch notes: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/198941-xbox-game-preview-patch-notes-11/

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  1. The inventory changes made looting actually slower and more complicated than before.
    Before you could pick up and equip using the same button (X) but now you need to use A to equip a helmet for example and X to pick up stuff.
    Having to use different buttons for equipments and picking up items will take time to get used to, which means slower looting until it becomes natural like the old system..
    Also the inventory seems to be bugged at the moment. Sometimes when I loot the game will pick up an item on it's own without me actually clicking on it.

    I honestly preferred the old inventory. But maybe with time I'll learn to like this one too

  2. I don't like the new "inventory pick up loot of ground" system. Why they changed it from X to A? I figured you can still pick up some stuff with X but first time playing I was gettin confused lol

  3. @averagesniper what do you think about the color/contrast of the grid at the top of the hud during gameplay that displays the coordinates of the map? Where you would follow a marker or call our the location of an enemy. Example: “he’s behind the tree at 255”. My thoughts are that depending on the location of your player (outside, inside, under water, etc), it can be extremely difficult to see the numbers on screen. For example, when I’m outside, I can’t see the numbers against the backdrop of the sky or anything bright. Do you agree that this is an issue? Or am I totally alone on this? Lol. And do you think the devs will work on this? Thanks, and keep bringing us these vids. Much appreciated.

  4. The UI changes to looting are nice but whatever moron thought it was a good idea to make it so that you have to press A to loot items that have open equip slots and x for inventory/items without open slots needs a swift kick in the ass. When I'm starting the match and have literally no gear, there is reason to require me to press A to first click on a gun, and then press A again to equip it to a slot, and then switch to pressing x for all the items below it. It's awkward and jarring, and in panic situations at the start of a match when your smashing x to move through a list of items quickly, it stops you dead.

  5. The crash problem is easy, it crashes because a lot of people don’t have a one X. The regular Xbox and the One S can’t run the game very consistently. I had the regular Xbox one, which was horrible. It crashed on me constantly. The buildings weren’t even rendered when I landed on the ground. I upgraded to the one X back in February. Have maybe 1 or 2 crashes since, and everything is rendered when I land, frame rate is pretty consistent. It’s just overall better.

  6. Can they patch having bricks for shoes. There is no way you know there's someone trying to kill you and you are going to stomp your feet on every surface possible. Also on that same note can they patch slamming on the doors again if somebody's trying to kill you you're not going to open and shut doors the way they do on this game. The amount of noise that you make walking and opening and closing doors is insane there is no Tactical Unit that knows there's people trying to kill you will do that.

  7. Play pubg mobile and upload it! I won my first game 8 kills and literally stood behind the last guy, started recording, he moved off to the right and then started shooting at me and I took one shot and domed him. Pubg mobile is way too easy but I think it’d be cool to see how well you play games on your phone lol.

  8. @Averagesniper this will likely never happen, but if you could join up with my crew and me and give us a hand in getting a chicken dinner it would be much obliged and somewhat of an honor to dine with the ranks of a chicken slayer such as your self. If you reply, I’ll post my gamertag.

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