Trump: “Let’s Blame Video Games”. How About No…

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  1. Honestly I don’t think that gun control should be broadened but I think that the current gun control laws should be enforced much better than they are now. The only exception I can make would be to raise the buying age of AR rifles because they are obviously much more dangerous. (I am a Trump supporter by the way for those of you that want to call me a libtard)

  2. I mean I agree with what you're saying, and I'm not an expert in political lobbying or anything like that, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong here, but in terms of all the money involved in a presidential campaign, especially with a candidate like Trump, isn't 21 million a relatively small amount of money?

  3. Youtube is the only place where assholes and cuckolds can act like they have real a job, but then say "oh I have real life stuff I had to deal with ". Ummm you're fucking retarded right? Aside from the handful of somewhat decent people who are "youtubers", to the rest, tie boulders around your necks and roll them off the highest cliff.

  4. A Republicans logic: "Guns don't kill people, video games do!"
    A Democrats logic: "People don't kill people, guns do!"

    PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE, how many times does it need to be said?!

  5. I find it funny that people will argue the idea of banning things like bump stocks. Honestly, can a single person here give me ONE application that those would be useful for in any legal situation, barring target practice? They're not necessary or useful when hunting. Not required for home defense unless your home is being robbed by an army of burglars. They only serve two purposes….. Fun toy….. or assistance for someone who wants wants to kill a large number of people very quickly. I love shooting as much as the next person, and it's an incredible feeling to empty a 30 round clip in a matter of seconds. But no amount of fun is worth the life of even one person. I understand that people fear the snowball effect, and worry that gun laws will get tighter and tighter, until guns are outlawed completely. But honestly people, we have to be flexible. Certain accessories being banned, or even specific guns being taken off the market is not the end of the world. All any of these people are doing is trying to save lives. If you were in that crowd in Las Vegas, you might feel a bit less attached to that stock you bought, and realize that there is only one PRACTICAL use for those, and it's not a use that any of us want to see happen again. I'll sacrifice an occasional bit of fun on the chance it could save a life, and I'd really hope that most other people would too.

  6. I don't comment on videos very often but thank you for the "AR" definition I'm not a big gun person but the semi depth discussion about it helped clear up some things up a bit

  7. Simple Solution. Make it extremely difficult painstakingly annoying for the vast majority to obtain a firearm. Japan, for example, requires you to take a mental health examination, a fitness test, a written exam, followed by a firearm exam. After you achieve all that can you obtain a license to wield a firearm! But it gets better, you have to renew that license every three years. Make these regulations a part of the American court system and your problem is solved. Americans can still have their guns, but it will be very hard to get them 🙂

  8. I don't support trump but at least he's not as bad as hillary however trump is an old guy so I'm not surprised that he thinks games are
    Scary and cause violence.

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