1. This game is barely playable on PC. It crashes constantly and there's random bugs that pop up all the time like being unable to open doors. It's not a full game yet, it's unfinished. Why Microsoft would pay for them to try and port an already very shaky game to their console, and why the developers would imagine they could pull it off, is beyond me. What's even more confounding is that this was up for GOTY.

  2. Why not calm down and use your brain? Maybe realise this game has only been on Xbox for 2 weeks. It took months for the finished product to be polished on PC and it'll take the same amount of time on Xbox.

  3. I’ve never had a single issue with anything but connection and it doesn’t lag but I would say 1 in 10 I lose connection but if I re open the game I can re connect and I’m usually still alive unless I was in a gun fight and yes the gun play is not the best but it is still quite good atleast from a far up close it can be bad unless you have a shotgun. I will say go and buy this game I play on the original Xbox and have no graphic issues, buy this game because by time it’s done and comes out fully it will be $80 but now it is only $36.99 ask around and ask your friends the game usually always runs perfectly fine I wasn’t going to buy this but I’m glad I did I’ve had hours of fun and continue to and if you need someone to play with add me=WhiteTiger1524

  4. dat 1 nigga hiding under the table was funny af, really a shame that the table didnt load fast enough , what a horrendous experience. rip consoles. there will be enough idiots to buy that shit though, what a sad lifecycle.

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