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BATTLE ROYALE game-mode will put up to 100 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-allshowdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills. Players will enter a last-man-standing battle where they try to locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in a graphically and tactically rich battleground
that eventually forces players into a shrinking play zone as they engage in a tense and spectacular fight to the death.

Please let me know if the crediting is incorrect so that I may change it!
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  1. yeah u were using the xim 4, im not mad but please dont use it or if you are gonna use it please shout it out because it gives an upper hand over normal players it is just not fair, but if you are going to use it please at least sit down and be humble about it, dont be like SIT THE FUCK DoWN KID it, you have a mouse and keyboard, it is just my opinion tho u can do what you want bro, gg

  2. "Top ranked" players using MnK against mostly controller players, people like this always looking for an advantage and then beat their chest about it, LOLOLOL. On PC they would not even crack the 20k rank, well then again they would prob go purchase the latest aimbot.

  3. They are top ranked bc they play in 3rd person. It’s so easy in 3rd person. I played so solo squads in 3rd person and win most of the time other times I get 2nd to 3rd. FPP is way harder and better.

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