TOP Apple IIGS games

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A list of my favorite Apple IIGS games, in no particular order. Recorded using Camtasia while playing the Kegs emulator (the bad frame rate and the appearance of the cursor on the screen don’t occur on an actual IIGS).


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  1. Revenge of DoH is amazing. Best breaker-style game ever. Silpheed is really good too. I had Gnarly Golf, which I preferred to Zany Golf. King's Quest IV was really good on the IIGS I thought. I played Xenocide a lot, remember that one? It is pretty incredible how few game titles there were actually…

  2. @BrianPicchi – LOL! It was 3am when I wrote that. But it is a great game. I seriously remember spending many a weekend as a kid playing it. But I had the DOS version. You GS owners were lucky because the sound and music is ALOT better than the PC version.

  3. i've got a couple 1-meg RAM cards for this computer in case anyone wants to buy one/them. I can even throw in a IIgs with keyboard, mouse, and a pair of 3.5" disk drives.

  4. Thexder was good, but I never got past like the 3rd or 4th level. Crystal Quest was awesome, and you don't have Gauntlet?? I had a different version of Qix, the one exactly like the arcade Qix. Much of my time in the '90s was spent playing Ultima V (for the IIe) and using Music Studio 2.0 (from Activision I believe). My IIgs still works, but I need a new old monitor (with a single video plug).

  5. yeah Task Force was amazing, my buddy and i would play that 2 player, one of us would have to use the keyboard though… i remember playing those games for hours, feeling so accomplished when i finally beat the immortal, rastan, arkanoid and silpheed… thanks for posting this video, just awesomeness…

  6. oh yeah i remember a very twisted game but i liked it as a kid called senseless violence… which would piss a lot of people off these days… a frogger type game but trying a baby across all of the hazards…

  7. When I was in 4th grade, the computer lab in school consisted of mostly Apple II E's with a couple Apple II GS's. Some of the kids made a big deal about using the II GS… but in the end it didn't really matter. We all would just play Oregon Trail.

  8. as a kid it took me forever to beat the immortal on the gs, but when i finally beat it, felt so accomplished, lol… the port for sega genesis was weak, the best experience was on IIgs…

  9. oops sorry tanru, just found your review of aaargh!, dang felt like i was the only one that played a lot of these games, none of my friends back then or now has any clue when i bring up any IIgs games…

  10. Brings back memories… we had an Amiga growing up and my cuz had the Apple 2GS. Similar platforms from a graphical standpoint, both having the 4096 color palette… and although the 2GS could display just 16 on screen at once, still had really sharp visuals, high res., great sound and a ton of fun games. Loved Rastan; closest thing to arcade-perfect for the time… and we never got an Amiga port so I was bumming as a kid.

  11. This brings back a lot of memories and one in particular about Tunnels of Armageddon:  I played the beta and final release versions and the beta was MUCH easier!  The music of the beta version was less ominous, believe it or not.

  12. The Apple IIGS is one of my childhood's most fondly remembered computers, even though I didn't get to own one until I was much older. I would really want one with a hard drive though – my school had one, and it was awesome. Far more interesting and fun to use than any of the Mac's at the time.

  13. This machine was better and cheaper than a Macintosh! I don't know why they didn't push this more, especially with the backwards compatibility with the Apple II. IIRC, the only thing the mac was better at was horizontal resolution and it wasn't by much. I also read they deliberately slowed down the IIGS so as not to compete with the Mac. It was just an all around better machine with virtually the same interface. Maybe it was Job's affection for all in one computers that made Apple push the Mac and not the IIGS?

  14. Loved this computer. You had some great games on this list, like SHufflepuck, Arkanoid, Zany Golf, Space Quest II, etc. What about Life and Death (surgery simulator) or Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards? BTW Qix is and will always be my favorite looking and sounding IIgs game.

  15. Crystal Quest, Task Force, and Arkanoid were solid. I also enjoyed Deja Vu & the Uninvited. there was this American revolution game called revolution '76, I think? that was educational  but I SOOOO wish I could play it now

  16. Hooray for Arkanoid II nostalgia!
    Along with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail and Wolfenstein
    Love the first home computer we had, the IIGS
    All too quickly replaced by some PC that was running Windows 3.1

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