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Hey guys. This is one of my more popular series of videos, and I’ve decided that since 1.0 is out it would be a good time to update the series with a few new things specific to the new PUBG patch. Check out more down below:

Massdrop Sennheiser PC37X –


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Gear/PC Specs:
Gaming PC:
i7-8700K @ 5.0Ghz:
Asus GTX 1080Ti Strix:
G.Skill Trident Z 3200:
Samsung 950 Pro SSD:
Asus PG258Q Monitor:
Massdrop Vast 35″ Monitor:
Logitech Orion Spectrum:

Streaming PC:

Ryzen 1700:
B350 Tomahawk:
Toshiba 6TB:
Seagate 4TB:
Elgato HD 60 Pro:

Audio Setup:

Boom Arm:

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  1. @wtfmoses would like to join a discord chat that contains the best pubg players on pc? You have to be at least 5% in the world in any game mode to join

  2. I was killed by you in gatka just a few days ago, I was camping in the 3rd floor building, shot at you as you came up the stairs, you did a fake turn around the stairs corner, causing me to shoot into empty, then you stormed up and killed me. I saved the video. my pubg name is sith-kat

  3. I've had a ton of different headsets and never was completely happy with them. Not even with the Astros I had. I have Sennheiser GAME 360's for 4 years or so now and I love them. Never looked back. Whenever I'll need new ones I'll definitely get Sennheisers again.

  4. How on earth do you get the game to run like that? It looks just like most other games. For me, the aiming is weird and sluggish even though my fps is good. I have lowered settings and nothing helps.

  5. Dude how do I keep from shitting myself I'm not joking either I lit…well maybe not literally but a fucking panic bro I don't mean I'm scared I mean an I need a fucking Xanax bar panic yeah how do I prevent those

  6. Good tips man 1 thing you could of added with the car is changing your seat to get out of the car in cover I see people all the time getting out on the side I'm shooting from

  7. I have a problem with detecting and seeing other people. 99.99% time I do not see anybody even if they are fireing at me from like 10-15 meters (2 houses away). I went into rooms countless times, the guy was just at the other side of the room and I did not see him. I think they should work a bit on the visibility. Not to mention guys on the other side of the road or in a forest area, those I can not see even with a 4x scope. The other problem is aiming. I can fire an entire clip of m16a4 towards a target and miss every single shot, with a 2x scope, again 2 houses away. More than 50 meters I can not hit with any weapon, no matter the scope (stationary target that just wiggles a bit). Moving target is invulnerable for me, I can not shoot at all at those

  8. Poor use of team chat seems like the biggest problem outside of solos. People are usually pretty good at relaying information as best they can, but not knowing when to be quiet/listen to the game will get your squad smoked.

  9. More a question with PUBG in general. I've noticed in a lot of streams and youtube videos when someone is killed that in the top right it shows the method of killing instead of just saying someone died. How can you switch it to show the image of what killed someone over just text?
    Also, I have problems when I'm looting in game where sometimes I don't pick up what I wanted to loot; as a good player, what is the best way to loot/get items quickly from the ground.

  10. Can we get a guide on how to face no recoil macros, aimbot, wall hacks? Seems like its almost every death now on this game. And no its not just from playing 3rd person which everyone believes now. Hackers are on First person too. Love this game and ever since the Streamer hype this game is going down hill from hacker protection.

  11. my bad habit is getting screwed over by a circle update that forces me to expose myself to get in the new circle that is opposite of the previous circle.

  12. Here is the top reasons why I do not win more: 1. Cheaters 2. Hit registration loss 3. someone beats me to a gun by 2 seconds 4. Enemy player has level 3 on everything and has a full kit that is insane, see #1.

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