Top 5 FREE Arcade Games in JAPAN! – iPhone/iPad [iOS]

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Misato is at the top of her game today in what promises to be a rather entertaining look at the 5 most popular “Arcade” games on the Japanese iOS App store!

Don’t have a Japanese account? Here’s how to make one for FREE:

Click/tap on the top right of the screen to access the related videos and playlists.

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  1. 太鼓はやったことないから多分今の日本人ではやったことある人少ないと思う、でも太鼓は見たことあるよ、今では太鼓は仕事みたいなもの、祭りとかでしか使わないからね

  2. XD The way you said Tomodachi made me think of Tomodachi Life for 3DS… By the way (BTW), are you going to make a let's play of this game sooner or later in the future?

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