Top 14 Most Awaited Upcoming Android/iOS Games 2018

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Thank you Joycity for sponsoring this video.

The War of Genesis is a newly developed game from Joycity that features characters and lore from the original War of Genesis game series. With a focus on strategy and management, The War of Genesis will also introduce massive guild battles for the first time.
Its an upcoming games will launch this year.

New best high graphics upcoming games for android & iOS 2018 l VinIsHere

Here I brought Some of the amazing upcoming games with great graphics 2018 has to offer
let me know in the comments which one you’re waiting for?

최고의 다가오는 안드로이드 iOS 게임


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  1. Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is already released in global version.also i was expecting a footage of FF XV Pocket but no 🙁 that quantum attack looks meh, I'm interested in fps thing there

  2. how do you get trailers or gameplay i want to start a gaming channel like you i want to add game trailers or gameplays without copyright strike how can i do that. How do you post trailers and gameplay and monitize them without copyright strike. please tell me i need help.

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