Top 10 Best City Building Games

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The 10 best city building games of all time for PC, PS4, Mac OSX, Xbox 360, Android, iOS, and more! What are you favorite city building sim games and features? Let us know!

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10 Forge of Empires
iOS, Android

9 Lethis

8 Anno 2070

7 Dawn of Discovery (Anno 1404)
PC, Wii, DS

6 Banished

5 Tropico 5
PC, PS4, Xbox 360, MAC OS

4 SimCity 4 with Rush Hour expansion

3 Dwarf Fortress

2 SimCity 2000

1 Cities Skylines


Anno 2205


Concrete Jungle


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  1. and yet another oron who cannot speak like a usual human being. What a fucking asshole of a moron. Hey you idiot, do you really think, speaking like this makes the clip faster ? Only morons think so.

  2. I go with Cities Skylines as 1st indeed… We are all entitled to each of our opinions, so it's not a big deal when people comment here and argue about which is first or whatever…

  3. It's great to see you mention DF. But it's FAR, FAR more then a city building game and you completely forgot to mention it has a roguelike mode. ;P DF also has inspired a LOT of games not just Minecraft it's nuts.

  4. lincity-ng should be at ¹st place on this list since the map sizes are larger than any other city builder I've played (cities XL, SC for Windows -2013 cities skylines cities in motion etc.) and is also free and open source and I think is the only game on this list other than cities skylines to run on Linux…… it's also waaay more realistic than banished in my view even though you never see any people in the game

  5. I honestly believe that either Zeus, Pharoah or Emperor deserved a spot on here as well, those three I believe are great city builder games with some unexpected themes, they have a different type of setting which you don't find in many other city builders, gods, monsters & enemy soldiers invading your city & trying to tear down it's infrastructure. Plagues & building destruction if you don't watch your maintenance & health natural disasters striking down on your city. Trading with other other cities for resources to advance your own town, as well as too build your own army, upgrading the living standards of your people… The games can be difficult or easy depending on your own playstyle & you get to complete missions & objects. With not only a sandbox mode, but also a function where you the player may even build your own campaigns.

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