The Vector is now the best gun in PUBG

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I never realised how good the Vector was in the new build of the game. It is so powerful on the new map. 10/10. Playing with Sacriel, Tag, Stod and Smithy! Leave a like and a comment. Join my Discord: Connect with me:



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  1. Yes I agree…. I use to HATE the Vector avoided it like the FLU. I picked it up on my second round of V2. It's totally a different weapon now I'll rock with it now.

  2. Its funny, I hate watching you loot but in all honesty it doesn't seem to matter because you don't need a lot of ammo because you hit your shots with what you have. Maybe change your damaged armor for fresh armor? Doesn't matter because you hit them before their shots register. Meds on a guy you killed, not needed because you are invincible. I love all your videos so please keep on putting out this awesome Pubg, fortnite and Battlefield content!

  3. Hey did you play FEAR2: Project Origin multiplayer? Would be nice to see you and your friends in the community. Because the master server and Tunngle are down we now use Evolve. If you are looking for a challenge add me in Evolve: SVK-Puskin.

  4. I see people ask for this new map. The map was called Savage now it's Sanhok. You can play it by downloading ,,pubg experimental,, I think it's called like that. It's free (you need to have pubg).

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