The SKS Review Pubg Mobile New Update Effect Tips & Tricks

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he SKS Review Pubg Mobile New Update Effect Tips & Tricks

If things stay the same as they currently are on the Beta client then DMR class of weapons is going to undergo a slight revolution in terms of both use and effectiveness.

With the application of AR attachments to the DMR class making it easier to max out a gun like the SKS the weapons going to be more popular than ever.

This review is all about the way the guns going to look moving forward and how its most efficient moments come when you can throw lead in bunches.

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  1. So they take a POS mass infanty rifle from 1950's and make it better than top of the line modern weapon platforms. Yes dumb it down in the name of play ability. Sad

  2. hey is there any way you are moving to an 16:9 ratio video or will you only stay in this one
    I would love to see an wider video than an square video
    so it would be nice if you switch to an wider video

  3. Seeing plenty of people here struggling with the Kar98. I used to be the same, but instead of the tap to fire, I use hold to fire for bolt action snipers, and trust me, the difference is legit. You get much better accuracy even on moving targets using hold-and-release. Try it out, you won't regret it.

  4. Ive never used an 8x with AR's. My favourite is the m16a4 which i use a 2x and single shot. With that i take either a kar 98 or a dp28 which for me is the best automatic weapon at closer ranges

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