The IS 8 Misunderstood Monster World of Tanks Blitz

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Its such a grand tank, that is so clearly misunderstood by a large segment of humanity. The IS-8 Is not an easy tank to pigeonhole. It denies your attempts to put it in a box and maintains a play style that is absolutely dependant on the team and tier.

If you go in with a rigid mindset you’ll just end up with a rigid paddle spanking your buttocks 🙂

Be open to change and learn to love the finesse and the fire that is the IS-8 🙂


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  1. 8 is a great tank. See a lot of top players using it. Got a lot of masters in this tank. ST1 is a horrible tank IMO. If you like SLOW you’ll love that tank. Second only to T95.

  2. I'm really bad in it because its stock and I already have a 47% winr8. my Bl9 gun has a 17 second reload and I have no clue why. a tier 6 premium tank destroyer can out dpm and out match me while I'm stock.

  3. Nice of you to point out that not every tank is player friendly right from the start of the blitz journey. It’s one of the best aspects of the game in my opinion. Russian heavy was one of my first lines and I stopped at and sold the IS-8. Came back to it about 2 years later and it was great. Same tank, smarter player.

  4. I neither play this as a regular medium or any type of heavy more like very lightly armored medium and with five ace tanker badges it shows!! But to tell the truth I almost always die first thanks to the meta nowadays!! Now you said bullying lower tier mediums they’ll out flank you if were to try this, better to play a light tank play style of peeking-n-shooting then running away or reverse side scraping vs a out in the open tank, but I’d never just run right into the mix with mediums or light tanks as they can just out flank and out DPM this tank easily even a tier7 medium can, so I’d ignore Bushka on challenging mediums but would take his advice on everything else!!? As he said it is a very good tank but it needs a very disciplined mind set and distinct play style and last the right situation!!

  5. I agree completely. when I first went for the is-7 I deadstopped at the is-8. The stock gun is barely useful at tier 9 and is almost totally ineffective vs tier 10. The stock mobility is a big turn off as well. I ended up selling the tank and gave up. I eventually got it back determined to push through. By the time I had enough xp for the is-7 I actually began to change my mind about it and only sold it for the credits to get the is-7. I always say I had a love hate relationship with it. I agree with your last statement. I do feel like that tank contributed to me becoming a better player.

  6. Last time was complaining about the speed but forgot to mount the top engine. It’s definitely my favorite heavy and addresses the alternate weaknesses of the e-75, which is also my fav

  7. If wotB keeps up the way it does business it wont be long till i delete and forget it…in 6 battles the enemy out classes my teams by over 106K exp and the rating battles are worse..You should help correct this…

  8. I don't get how this tank fits into the IS7 line. It's mobile like previous ISes, yes but it's not as cumbersome to drive as other IS tanks, like especially the IS7. Plus the tier 9-10 transition is weird. The IS7 for me was a massive disappointment ( I know xD). It was so slow and turned like a turtle compared to the IS7. The gun was just soooo inaccurate and the APCR pen makes it troublesome to engage super heavies. I honestly prefer IS8 over IS7

  9. This video inspired me to play with is 8 more…am having a better win rate with it now. However my tank is not getting trained to 100% it's stuck in 75% I am not getting option to train it with experience earned, all I get is a option to train it with gold..which isn't current reload time is 11.7s.

  10. To me, IS8s are just not the best heavy tanks. Take a look at the E75, it has more armour amd a better gun. And if your facing an IS8 with your E75 dont be scared to face hug him/her. IS8s armour is just not worth it.

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