The Gambling Scene is Officially Dead.. For Now (Latest PUBG Update)

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Time for people to move to a new game for gambling, what game will be next? I think Rust.

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  1. Glad gambling’s dead. Sure, it built the playerbase but it turned the game from skill to cosmetic based (for the most part). Maybe now we’ll see the people who are actually dedicated to the game more than the people who are playing for the skins.

  2. Idk why people don't like gambling websites. Now probably half of players will leave, a lot of skins will drop price and lose a lot of money and valve will get more money and screw us over. Seriously it's kind of stupid

  3. I am actually a bit happy because i lost so much money on gambling/betting sites but at the other side i really loved trading and i feel bad for all the traders and trading sites like OPSKINS…

  4. Why can't you just use real money to gamble instead of skins. All the gambling has destroyed the market for skins for people like me who aren't braid dead enough to gamble all the time but like to buy, sell and trade skins.

  5. I am loving it. The games were meant to be played and enjoyed not transformed intp cosmetic black market of items of which people are scammed and have to worry about. I am glad it'd dead. I can't be more happier.

  6. Jake, maybe I understand your concern, Youtubers wont be able to find sponsors, but you should understand majority of the players dont play for skins, they play for fun and enjoyment (nothing can be done about avg youtuber losing their gambling sponsorship tho)

  7. You cant say you payed for it with your own money when the site is paying you to use the site..
    That makes 0 sense.

    "Yea I payed with my own money"
    "The money they gave me doesnt count because they didnt give it to me on the site. I actually had to deposit it in myself."

    …yep.. no sense.

  8. Gambling was so much fun so i'm kind of sad it's dead. CSGO gambling had the most improvised modes no gambling is as much fun as csgo gambling and it was something exciting to do in a group with friends kind of sad to see it go.

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