The Coolest Hidden Location in the New PUBG Desert Map Miramar | How to find the Underground Tunnel

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This underground cave in the new desert map, Miramar, is just too cool not to share. The latest map to hit PUBG has tons of cool little hiding spots, but so far this one is by far my favorite. Let me know if you already stumbled across this tunnel on the battlegrounds and I will see you guys in the next video!

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  1. I didnt know!! Cant wait to check it out! Great content again…more subscribers are en route! Glad to be able to be here from the start.

  2. I accidentally discovered this place when I crashed my van down the steep cliff there. I was running for my god damn life because i had just gotten a ghillie and mk14 with 15x, but i couldnt help but to explore the goddamn place. I eventually died due to my over exploring and the blue got me :(. Excellent discovery though and was worth it.

  3. I found this on my first game of the desert map. This place had soo much lot. I got a fully decked out kar98 with 8x suppressor and cheek pad along with a fully deck m4 with suppressor. I even won that first game on desert map. I kept going there if I had the chance because it's always good loot and nobody to contest with. Kinda hate it when people go to my spots but ehhh. More kills for me.

  4. nevermind all those russian trucks & automobiles, but why does the "mexican" mine tunnel have a russian sign of "взлётно-посадочная полоса" (airway strip) ?

  5. I knew about mines in the game, from an early leaked map. But found it never on the actuall map. And i think there has to be another mine in the northwest part of the map.

  6. Me and my mates spotted it while running north from the right prison bridge. We had a ton of fun exploring this area also! Kinda sad to see it get exposed 🙁

  7. man i was looking for something like this. i was always that loner exploring while everyone else died in the 1st minute. i must've ran around near there a 100 times and never found the cave. i just had a gut feeling there was a hidden area somewhere. thanks for sharing. i guess ill go get killed there when i get off work.

  8. Its relatively untouched because it rarely falls into the later circles and early on its simply not very fun to loot. Like the rest of miramar, the loots is heavily spread out and obtuse to quickly gather and move on to hunt people. For people who want a safe drop zone, there are better options available. For people who want an action packed landing, there are much better locations. Its kinda… there. Probably best suited to solo or duo play, but really annoying to loot and more fun to just move on from.

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