The Best Shooters of 2017

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2017 had some of the best shooters to date. Be it competitive, cooperative or narratively-driven, these are our favorite shooters of the year!

Be sure to check out ALL of our Best of 2017 nominees here: and check back on December 20th to find out which nominees came out on top!

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  1. For anyone that Troyes to say fortnite should be here NO it’s a battle Royale game that is tooo messed up to be on the list it’s main objectives is to be fun and it is very fun but for it to be on a list with other huge title releases and games it should not be here

  2. Makes me sad all people saying like pubg is her choice and let the games like prey who is the actual predecesor of sistemshock and biosohock that takes things of these but arkane put his style and omg that game was so God, I love to wolfestein 2 and splaton 2 but u know the says all that are the second game of that game series and we need more titles that destroy the genders and in the pieces of that built a new perspective only innovation or titles with her own personality that makes they differenta for others
    Sorry for my English these is nor my language

  3. Out of curiosity…

    Why "PUBG" included in this, isnt that game still in "Early Access"? Isn't the game of awards suppose to be "Full-game" only (except for the "Best Early Access")? If so, why isn't "Escape from Tarkov" not included even it's not popular? Or this is just IGN picks?

    Still, I'm confuse.

    Note: I do enjoy watching this type of game/genre thou.

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