The BEST Headsets to use with Nintendo Switch Online

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Unfortunately, if you’d like to play multiplayer games online with your friends on the Switch, the only voice chat available to you will be through a mobile phone app. In order to be able to hear the voice chat AND the game audio at the same time, you’d need one of these headphones. Let’s try to make this as painless as possible.

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  1. TURTLE BEACH STEALTH 700 PS4 Edition (The black and blue ones)… They are 100% wireless to the switch dock via a USB dongle, and also have bluetooth for your stupid nintendo voice chat app or discord. I have them and can hear the game audio and chat audio simultaneously. Another perk is they obviously work wirelessly on the PS4 and also PC. Only con is the price.

  2. I just log on to xbox invite my people who have a switch with my turtle beaches and use an ear bud under one of my headset ear cover no i didnt need to buy anything extra i already had those things oh and yes my headset is wireless

  3. Your hair really doesn't suit you at all. You do awesome vids but I bet viewership would go up with some shorter hair! Im not anti long hair or anything, its just not you.

  4. I wish I had my own Nintendo switch . If anyone sees this comment and you two Nintendo switches could you send one to kipande road 39 second floor
    To the right OK?

  5. I want to get the Splatoon headset just to use as regular headphones simply because I love Splatoon. I'm 16 and have generally small proportions. Would they work for that?

  6. I had a solution set up with some turtle beaches that I had but I upgraded headphones to ath m50x's so rip imma need mod mic and a mixer cuz splitters do weird things to my audio.

  7. As soon as Fortnite came out, I went through the process of getting my old Turtle Beach x42 headset to work with it. I've used the headset with my laptop plenty of times, so I already had the splitter and all that. Of course, my Switch is docked across the room. So I have one cord going from the wireless receiver to the switch to the splitter (only about 3 ft apart) and then another cord all the way across the room to my headset. So basically, it's a whole bunch of stuff with a cord going through the main walkway of the room that barely reaches my no-longer-cordless headset.

    Thank God I barely have any friends to play Fortnite with so I don't actually have to worry about all this.

  8. The only reason why the Splatoon headset looks “stupid” is because that’s what it looks like in the game. Which is where it comes from..

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