SUMMIT1G REACTS TO “PUBG Desert Map Reveal Trailer and Xbox launch trailer”

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  1. these people hating that the game is laggy lol.
    1. i dont rubberband anymore at all. (only at the start of the game for like 5 to 10 secs)
    2. My fps went from 40-60 to 80-140 and i dont have a great rig. Its a rx 480 4gb, i5 6400 and 8gb of ram single channel
    3. "oh fortnite has 30 million and pubg only 20" pubg costs 30$ and fortnite is free. So i dont think its that big of an achievement

  2. Surprisingly he never played the new desert map yet even though its already available on test server and he doesn't give a f*ck about it and he continued playing Fortnite and Skyrim. LOL. That's Summit for you.

  3. rofl killed it with he destiny xD i got my d2 for 25$. worst 25$ i ever spent. the next day i discovered warframe, been there ever since

  4. Idk why people hating on 30 fps unless youre scared of the game being a lot more fair across the board. we all have played games at 30 fps and didnt complain. Spoiled cake eaters.

  5. To all those people who haven't played Desert map … I get more fps in desert map .. And in my opinion Desert map Runs way much smoother than the original map … but again that's just my opinion .. its lags a bit at start when u land but u have to keep in mind that its still in Pubg test right now .. wait for launch …

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