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Today we check out an amazing app that allows you to mirror your desktop and play your Steam games on Mobile Android IOS or Windows for free and seamlessly! Play Half-life 2 on your tablet or Cities: Skylines on your phone! =D Using the free app Splashtop, you can screen mirror your desktop pc, and use tablet touch screens to control the game! OR you can even connect a bluetooth or wireless controller to the tablet or the computer, both inputs are accepted! =D

(For Desktop):
(For Mobile Android):
(For Mobile IOS):

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Music from Kevin Macleod.

This video contains:
How to use Splashtop to play Steam games on mobile like Skyrim or Civilization 5
How to download Splashtop Screen Mirroring for Free
Links to download and install Splashtop for mobile gaming with Steam like Half-life 2!
Play Skyrim on your tablet or phone! Or just mess around in Cities Skylines on a mobile device with Steam and Splashtop! =D


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  1. My brother and I really likes this mobile game “fetching mimu only” (Google it) since it is really addicting! My bro plays this quite amusing game for several hours. Oftentimes I also play for a while and have some fun killing time. I love this game, now I don`t have to be on internet to experience it.

  2. The splash top 2 is now 15 bucksNOT FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE😭😭😭😭🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤬🤯🤯😭😭😭😤🤯😢😤😳😭🤯😭🤬😤😓😥🤬😳🤔😰😳🤯😳🤔🤬😳

  3. Could you play a Steam game on a tablet WITHOUT needing a desktop computer? I have a tablet and the Steam App. Could I download some sort of Emulator to play the games?

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