Snakes Everywhere | Erangel Solo Vs Squad | PUBG Mobile

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Solo VS Squad

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Handcam Video :

Played on : IPhone X


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  1. Types of pubg player : snakes , hunters , chicken , bear , rabit ,
    Snakes = always camping
    Hunter = always hungry
    Chicken = running from fights
    Bear = always sniping
    Rabbit = when running he keeps jumping
    Fox : sneaky
    100× scope : sees every thing
    Loot lover : loots every thing even shit
    Taxi driver : loves riding
    Surprise 😮 : dont know what is he doing
    Troller : loves to troll noobs
    Hacker : bla bla bla
    Noob : thinks that scar l is better than m416
    Pro : ……………………………..bla bla bla

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