Smite: Discordia Full Damage Build – THE APPLE OF DOOM!

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Overall I think Discordia is pretty fun! Even though her ultimate seems a bit buggy at the moment. What should I build/play next?

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  1. 3v3 meme dream team. Bastet, Nu wa, The Morgan. 6 cats whlie stunned? 6 clay soldiers, instant back door. And double Nu wa ult. I predict insta-surrender at 10 min. mark.

  2. Beads is fine aegis is not aegis is necessary but what if aegis gave 80 % damage reduction for the 2 secs or something even higher but full block is so nonsense fuck anyone who thinks that let the item stop thanatos from executing and stuff but full reduction no its not okay if you are janus and ult on awilix go thru your portal drop one at her feet and she aegises she wins automatically its a nonsense item I think its in need of a change just to keep smite healthy there are so many good relics but they are just over shadowed and not even picked up by anyone but tanks its stupid there are occasional gems that shine thru but they are nerfed quick is it okay wen you outplay a 19 nieth (youre 14 because youre nezha and erlang fed their brains out) and she just aegises on 1 health and then destroys you no its not. I actually got so triggered at you saying that I'm a grandmaster and I haven't had to build aegis but 3 times in 3 months (mage main) so fuck you

  3. Oh yeah. Love beads and Agis. I always love it when I get the jump on a carry that clearly messed up and was caught out and they have used 1 of there 2 completely balanced get out of jail free cards.

  4. I LOVE your videos man 😂

    They are EL LOCO! 😂🤣 I love it when you say that it’s so funny 😆

    Also I died when you put the illuminati music when you Ulted on Izanami 😂😆

    Keep it up!

  5. disagree on her being that strong. she is clunky and does peanuts for damage early game. wave clear isnt nearly as good as u wud expect. she is ok but every other mage clears better

  6. Everyone has their own way of build. So far using Shoes of focus, spear of desolation, spear of magus, gem of isolation, chronos pendant and rod of tahuti seems fine. What's you're guys build?

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