SKT vs ROX, Game 3 – LCK Spring 2018 – SK telecom T1 vs ROX Tigers G3

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SK telecom T1 vs ROX Tigers, Game 3 – LCK Spring Split 2018 – SKT vs ROX G3

Game Start: 08:40

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  1. SKT1 desde la temporada pasada en el tema de Soporte tanto como Wolf y Effort eran seguros en sus posiciones , Wolf se le daba la titularidad por la experiencia y antiguedad. Ahora lo de Wolf no es extraño como JG , vas a su perfil de KR , esta en los tops 50 Challenger y vez los champs que juega , basicamente el chavon juega todas las lineas .

  2. 울프가 잘해서 이겼다. 라고 말할수가 없는경기.
    록스 타이거즈의 지속적인 실책과 탑이 터져버리고 스노우볼이 굴러가는 상황에서 텔없는 아지르가 강한 라인 압박으로 미드1차를 빨리 못부순 시점에서 라이즈가 텔+궁으로 날뛰며 겜이 터짐.

  3. They should have just let Bengi pick up the jungle role instead. At the end of the day, its Bengi teaching him! And I don't think that Wolf could do it better than him! When they let Bengi go back in 2016 after he won them the championship, I knew that it wasn't a smart move. 2017 basically told them that Faker needs a special kinda jungle compared to other mid lanes. Someone who can contain the opposite jungle to give Faker a free rein over the mid lane and not let him be bullied 2v1 or 3v1, nonstop. A top ranked solo Q jungle may not necessarily fit him. Also, Bengi is the exact opposite of players like Huni, Deft and even BDD. Shines when you most need him! Clutch player.

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