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Do you guys like the new update? let me know in the comments! 😀

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  1. They made game less quality because you need a beast computer back then (that is my guess) because I could not play PUBG with my pc because it was normal now I can a little bit better

  2. shroud, you should try the program you can adjust all the shaders yourself and make the game POP. SO much easier to spot people at range, they stand out. also can brighten up every room and makes the game prettier in every way. You dont want EVERY setting though, the prime ones that make the game better are: "Clarity, Colourfulness, LumaSharpen, and Vibrance!
    I set clarity to 3, colourfulness is 1.5, Sharpen strength at .650, and vibrance at default .150.
    PlayerUnknown himself has said shaders are perfectly legal and allowed. Hope you notice the difference! it's subtle but crazy helpful

  3. The Vaulting was never about skill. It is about eliminating an annoyance and adding new styles of gameplay. Before, there were ledges and fences that anyone in their right mind would think they could get over, but skill or not, they were too high for it to be possible, so you would have to go around. That annoyance is now gone. And it adds so much more to the gameplay now that you can climb up to any of the roofs and other places that give good sight lines and are perfect spots for ambushes, as opposed to just the few that had unintended ways of climbing them.

  4. "Why does this game look so shitty" Maybe that's what it looks like to the people who cant drop thousands of dollars on one computer.

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