1. I play with 15-25 frames on all low 70 screen scale and tweaked the shit out of this game, lowest resolution, looks like shit I can't see them good but I try. I won 1 game. Yesterday I played on my gf's PC, 50 frames I won 2 games in a few hours, now I gotta get a better pc 😐

  2. coz theres wasnt any moments . Cloud9 played as usial … but faze and sk just cant make hits to them, like if clouds hitboxes was in deferent places.

  3. Shroud in this one you talked a lot about your camera and stuff, you should do a match where the camera is on your hands, mouse more specifically but if you can get both that’d be sweet. You have some of the smoothest aim ive seen on pubg and it’d be cool to see how your mouse hand moves when you counteract the recoil

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